Tips for quick recovery after a successful CoolSculpting procedure

The innovative procedure of fat freezing has gained popularity across the globe. Since it is a non-invasive method emerging as an alternative to surgical processes, its appeal has added a lot of buzz. However, people have reservations regarding the process and the recovery time. It is because of little knowledge about the process. Although individuals may resume various activities like exercise after the procedure, they have to take care of the treated area not to create inflammation. Thus, a few recovery tips work wonders for people who have recently undergone the process.

How does CoolSculpting work?

Before you go for a consultation, you must learn about the process and its pros and cons. When you know about this, it helps you in the treatment session. After setting foot in the western world, the method uses vacuum-like apparatuses for sucking in the fatty area of flesh on target areas. People used it on different legs, arms, back, stomach, and below the chin. However, it is not advisable for treating obesity, but it is rather designed for individuals who keep a healthy regime and are regular with their diet and exercise.

What to expect from the procedure?

You may feel some discomfort with the cold. It will result in numbness for several minutes, and slowly it will set in. Slow and steady, you will feel a sucking, pulling, and twitching sensation from the process. The treatment duration usually lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, based on fat loss goals and follow-up treatments. The fat freeze specials at My Botox LA will brief you on the exact extent of the process and what you can expect from CoolSculpting treatment.

Prepare yourself for the treatment

Every process requires preparation so that it goes smoothly. You have to wear loose and comfortable clothes during the treatment because it keeps you breezy. After the treatment is over, you cannot directly go into tight-fitted jeans and leggings but must continue with loose clothing for some time. Allow the treated area to heal and breathe by wearing comfortable and loose clothes. You can also carry a small portion of snacks but only healthy ones before the treatment. Eating snacks before the process will not make you light-headed and maintain your blood sugar level. Get healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, chickpeas, and similar items.

Keep yourself hydrated

Sip lots of water both before and after the process. Staying hydrated before the procedure is significant if you want to keep your blood sugar level balanced. Allow your body to recover faster and take out some time to relax before you join your duty.

Be easy on yourself

If the treated area feels sore, it’s best to limit your exercise and gym for a few days. If not, it will irritate the site and add to the inflammation. You have to give yourself some time to calm down and get ready for the outer life. Be gentle when bathing or showering the area and use lots of water to clean the spot. Pat dry the space but do it very gently.

These tips will make your life much more comfortable and shorten the recovery duration.

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