“Head of the Class” Update Flunks Out, Expelled by HBO Max

Some shows come fully-realized and are read for the Ivy League circles – i.e. a network pickup, decent to phenomenal ratings – while others must content themselves with being of the almost-ran category, a show that at one time felt promising enough to move slowly up the food-chain of inter-office politics only to be jettisoned at the last moment, sent packing off to summer school where, when not paling about with Mark Harmon, they’ll hopefully apply themselves more fully and finally move into the world of green lights and audience adoration. Such seems to be the case with the recently touted Head of the Class update that, according to our prognosticators of doom over at The Hollywood Reporter, has gone the way of the Thirtysomething and Tremors revival, the telephone booth, mood rings and my much lamented high school hairline. Life; what can you do?

Those original Head of the Class fans that were banking on a Dan Frischman and Dan Schneider reunion had best temper those grand expectations: HBO Max has officially put the kibosh on the updated version of the series about a group of super-brainy high school teens who rally around their inspirational and wonky teacher. Hey, at least this new look at an old chestnut got one full season before being resigned to the Island of Misfit Toys (say hello to King Moonracer and Charlie in the Box, you crazy nerds from Millard Fillmore High School!).

Warner Bros. TV had a hand in producing this revival, while erstwhile creative gremlins Amy Pocha and Seth Cohen developed the series and executive produced alongside Bill Lawrence. Um, Merry Christmas guys and gals?

 In a press release announcing the cancelation of Head of the Class, HBO Max (which sounds strangely enough like Pacino confronting Gianni Russo before having him guillotined in the final reel of The Godfather) lamented that they would “not be moving forward with a second season of Head of the Class. We were grateful to work with Bill, Amy, and Seth to bring back such an iconic series, and we thank them and the terrific cast for their hard work and dedication.”

Head of the Class leaves its berth at HBO Max with the dubious distinction of being only the second series the streaming platform has given the ax to during its eighteen months in existence.

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