‘Barb And Star’ Gave Us 2021’s Funniest Movie

The goofy comedy is a type of movie we get less often than we used to. Remember when every year there were three or four big, broad comedies built to make you laugh? The days of Anchorman and movies of that ilk? These days, comedies are a genre on the wane. We get superhero movies and horror movies, but comedy has largely moved to other realms. The ones that are released are low budget, and comedy movies often are the bailiwick of streaming services.

I love comedies, and a chance to watch a dumb jokefest of a comedy is always nice. Guess what? We got one in 2021. You may have missed it, but if you did, you can amend that. Hey, I was late to it as well. The movie I’m talking about? Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.

When I saw the first trailer for Barb and Star, back before the pandemic started, I thought it looked bad. It was very much a teaser, though. I don’t think they even let us know that Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo were involved. Then, I found out that Wiig and Mumolo were starring as Star and Barb, respectively, and also co-wrote the film, just like they co-wrote Bridesmaids. However, that was a movie that wanted to have some pathos and character arcs. Barb and Star cares zero percent about that.

This is the silliest comedy movie I can recall coming out in recent years, and I was all in. Barb and Star are two middle-aged ladies from Nebraska who lose their job and decide to take a trip to Vista Del Mar, Florida, a haven for middle-aged vacationers. Naturally, they get mixed up in a supervillain’s plan to kill a bunch of people in Vista Del Mar for revenge. This villain is also played by Wiig. Her henchman is played by Jamie Dornan, who is equally as funny as Wiig and Mumolo in the movie.

I laughed so much at this dumb movie. It’s a really fun watch. Like a lot of joke-heavy comedies, every single thing doesn’t land, but there were a couple of times when I was laughing uproariously alone in my home, and those moments are hard to come by in films these days.

If you thought Bridesmaids was funny, Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is funnier. In terms of sheer laughs, it’s the top movie of 2021, and a throwback to a time when movies like this got made more often.

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