Wigs have been extremely popular in the past decade with more and more women choosing to own a wig. Wigs are great for having the ability to instantly transform your look. They are perfect for; women experiencing hair loss, thinning as a protective style if you need a break from your hair, women going to chemotherapy,and just for women who want to switch up their style without committing to it. For first time wig owners, it can be a time consuming and overwhelming experience navigating the internet trying to figure out how or where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect wig for you. We want you to have a pleasant experience when getting your first wig and we have provided the ultimate guide to buying your first wig. Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.


This is the main reason you have to take into account when choosing why you are getting a wig. This will help you figure out the best wig for you. It can be for aesthetics, functionality, or health issues.


There are thousands of wigs that come in different styles available. What to choose from. It is always advisable if you are a first time wig wearer to keep it subtle. Go for a wig that is your style or close to your hair so that you are familiar and comfortable with it.

  • Length – you can get a wig of your length choice. A wig can be as short as a pixie cut or it can be up to 30 inches long.
  • Texture –wigs allow you to wear a hairstyle in a texture of your choice. It can be straight hair, wavy, kinky, or curly hair.
  • Color –one of the best reasons to get a wig is the chance to experiment with color on your hair without potentially damaging your own hair. For the first time maybe start with a subtle color or a color that is two or three shades darker or lighter from your own natural hair.
  • Density –the density of the hair can be defined as the number of hair strands that have been added to the base of the wig. It can be in low density to high density presented in grams or percentages. Please note that there is no such thing as abad density. We all have different preferences when it comes to how much volume you want when wearing your wig.


One of the most important decisions in selecting your first wig is whether you want a human hair wig or a synthetic wig.

Human Hair

Just as the name states it is made from real human hair that is normally sourced from donors with long and healthy hair. Why Luvmehair? We pride ourselves in creating wigs that are sourced from 1 donor per wig to ensure uniformity of the wig’s hair.

Human hair is always the recommended choice when buying a wig as it is more superior to synthetic wigs for its many great qualities.

  • It is not limited to styling is versatile. You can use heat styling tools to straighten or create curls, it takes color very well and it will take chemical treatments well.
  • It gives the wearer a more authentic and natural appearance.
  • It will last you for years, unlike synthetic wigs.
  • You have more control over how you style the wig.
  • As it is made from human hair it can absorb moisture very well, therefore it is more manageable and appears shiny, softer, and healthier.
  • How to put lace front wig on is much easier.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetichair is made from different plastics blended together that look and feel like human hair. Why would you choose synthetic hair?

  • It is cost-friendly.
  • It will preserve the style it came with even after washing it.

However,  synthetic hair had a lot of limitations in comparison.

  • Limited to styling and lacks versatility, so if you choose a synthetic wig you will have to be okay wearing the same monotonous style throughout.
  • It cannot be colored.
  • It cannot be heat styled using direct heat.
  • It has a short lifespan.
  • It sheds more than human hair.
  • It dries a lot as it does not take moisture in well.
  • Matts easily and is not easy to damage.


This has a significant impact when choosing your wig. This is the structural foundation of your wig as it holds the hair strands in place. A lace base is our recommended base of choice, especially for a first time wig buyer. It is the most popular type of base material used for women’s wigs. This is because of its breathability, comfortability, and the ability to give the illusion that hair is growing from your own scalp. It is soft, lightweight, durable, undetectable, and will last you for over a year. Lace is an easy material to handle on your own for a first time wig buyer and you will even have an easier time learning how to put lace front wig on.


Stock Hair -is ready-to-wear wigs that are based on different standardized designs from the capsize, length, texture, base, density, length, and style. They are one size fits most and cater to a wide range of women. Are great to get as a first time buyer as they are much more affordable as you figure out what type of wigs you like.

Custom Hair -they are specially made per request depending on the wearer’s needs and preferences. It is a great option when you know how to shop for a wig and have a specific look in mind. Note that due to the seller matching your specifications, the custom-made wigs tend to be pricier.

Take your time in understanding what type of wigs you want to get as a first time wearer. Our tips are pretty simple and create the perfect foundation for you to not only enjoy your wig experience but also get your perfect first wig.

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