“Entrepreneur Roddy Hanson Disrupting Supplement Industry with Performance Mushrooms”

Allow us to introduce you to Roddy Hanson and his unique and incredible story as an entrepreneur. Starting his first company from scratch with no money, no degree, no laptop and no experience in building a brand or experience within the food industry at the ripe age of 23. He built his first company Shredibles, a CBD protein bar, into such a leveraged point that it led to a successful acquisition to a public company in only 18 months. It was then Roddy felt like he found his passion which is creating and innovating products within the nutrition industry.

He wasn’t satisfied there and in fact was just getting started within the health and wellness product development space. Having been an athlete his entire life Roddy has explored many different avenues. In his early 20s he worked in the entertainment industry as a model, dancer and actor. This type of work required him to be in great shape which ultimately led him down the path of health and wellness. 

Currently Roddy is the owner of his own holdings company titled “Arete ” which all his brands sit under the umbrella of this company. Noticing gaps within the market of things that he would like to consume, Roddy has been hard at work developing innovative products with the goal to make it easier, convenient and more fun for people to consume products that truly benefit themselves and help them perform at a higher level. 

His latest product, shroomy gummies that enhance cognitive functioning. Goshroomy LLC is just one of Roddy’s multiple products but is taking the industry by storm. At a recent expo, Netflix documentary “Fantastic Fungi” took a liking to the product and is now featuring it in their very own product box. For a product so early in its existence it is quickly making waves across the health and wellness space. Roddy is something like an entrepreneurial magician and has even more up his sleeve in the coming business quarters. Which only makes sense considering he is inspired by the likes of Elon Musk, in fact we can see Roddy ultimately becoming the Elon Musk of the health and wellness space.

He is getting ready to launch an incredible mushroom based skincare line as well that also ties into helping save our oceans. Roddy isn’t just about making commercially viable products but also  truly making a difference. Roddy aims to help people  understand that the answers lie within nature and he is here to help them discover that, but also enjoy the products at the same time. 

We asked Roddy what we can look forward to in terms of further product development and he had this to share. “Shroomy gummies is going to be launching a sleep gummy in the coming months. Root Strength is launching a protein in Q2. Beautiful Sol launches our “Magic Mushroom Moisturizer”. Roddy has the heart posture of a truly noble spirit, with another major goal of his being to help others find happiness for themselves and feeling your best everyday by what we consume. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? “There are a million challenges of being an entrepreneur but the main thing is to stay positive and stick to your vision. You will fail, you will have days that suck, you won’t always win, but if the vision is there the rest does not matter.” You can get in touch with Roddy or purchase his products through the information below.

Company: Shroomy LLC

Contact Roddy Hanson: [email protected]

Website: shroomygummies.com

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