Why use professional transcription services?

Whatever your industry, you have probably needed transcriptions at some point. Or, if not, you may soon find that you need a transcription made. Either way, you may be looking at the options for transcription services and weighing them up against the other options. In this blog, we’ll look at what transcription services are, and why professional transcription services can be the best choice for your business or project, whatever industry or sector you’re in.

What are transcription services?

First off, what are professional transcription services? It should not come as a surprise that there are services offered by professional linguists, where they take recorded audio or video and turn it into a written transcript. This can be used as a written transcript or as subtitles to play alongside a video. These services are often offered by individuals as well as agencies, and each has its pros and cons. However, there are also other ways of getting transcriptions that we will look at later in this blog.

What can transcription services help with?

There are so many reasons why different companies and businesses need transcriptions. Some of the most common are:


For people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have cognitive or sensory issues, subtitles and transcripts can be a really helpful accessibility feature to help them engage with content. This can be really useful for helping all people use whatever content you have, especially reports from meetings or training videos.

Easier to use

It can often be much easier for people to use a transcript of a meeting to find exact points rather than having to listen through an hour-long recording to find the right bit. Just think, audio or video files do not have a ‘find’ function, while written up text can these days. If you need to have people refer back to points from a meeting or a training video, this can be so helpful.

Turning audio journals into usable content

Lots of people these days love using audio recording devices to help keep notes or to easily record ideas they have for marketing plans or written pieces. To easily get this into a written form, a transcription service can help. This can massively speed up the whole process and mean that a CEO or Marketing Officer doesn’t have to spend their time going back over their old recordings.

Many different types of content

Obviously, we’ve discussed some of the use cases for transcription, but all of these can be put to use for so many different types of content. For example, training videos often need subtitling so that more people can be trained. Meeting notes and audio logs often need to be transcribed, as do financial reports which are given at meetings or conferences. If you attend a lecture and take an audio recorder, you may want this transcribed. Doctor’s appointments can also be recorded to help you better remember the advice given, as can pretty much any interaction where you need to gain knowledge. There are so many different reasons why you might need a professional transcription service.

Where to get transcription services

With the need for transcriptions discussed, how do you go about getting a transcription? There are many options:

Professional transcribers vs automated subtitling

In this modern age, there are AI programs that make automatic subtitles. This is even available for free on some platforms. However, these can be highly inaccurate. A computer is not going to be as good as a skilled and trained professional, and most of the time when you need transcriptions, you cannot risk having mistakes in there.

Should you do it yourself?

Some people like the most cost-effective solution of doing their own transcriptions. However, it’s important to consider how long this takes, and ask if you really have the time to do this. There is also the problem that if you made the content in the first place, you may be too close to it and transcribe what you are expecting to hear rather than what is actually said, which can be a problem. If the transcription is of someone else, you might want to use a professional who can better understand accents and colloquialisms.

Agency vs freelancer

Even with professional services, there is a difference. Generally, agencies will have more experts in your field, and be able to provide a better transcriber for your exact needs. On the other hand a freelancer is likely to have more specific experience but in only one or two fields.

Espresso Translations for transcription services

At Espresso Translations we are one of the leading multilingual transcription agencies. We offer over 150 languages, and experts in a range of specialties, to make sure that your transcriptions are done accurately and quickly. We provide quotes within an hour, so get in touch to see how we can help.

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