Top Websites to Download the Torrents in 2021:

Although governments and anti-piracy agencies around the world try to shut down the most important trackers (torrenting sites) on the web, it seems like an impossible task as there are still dozens of torrent websites working perfectly.

For this reason, we are going to show you a list of the most popular torrent websites of 2021.

The list that you will see below is based on several sites that report traffic from all over the internet, and we also add the Alexa rank, another measure with which we can see which are the most visited torrent web pages worldwide.

The Pirate Bay:

There is no person who uses the internet and has not ever heard this name. In 2021, The Pirate Bay is still listed as the king of torrents and although last year it had friction with some government agencies, the official site still continues to function normally under its main domain. Of course, to access The Pirate Bay from Spain you will have to resort to a VPN or proxy since otherwise, it will appear as a blocked site.


Extratorrent has gained many users over time and its popularity continues to grow. In the words of its own founder, ET’s success is due to its active community, as well as being home to two great groups on the scene: ETTV and ETRG.


RARBG came to the world of trackers trying to conquer Bulgaria, however, little by little it was gaining more public around the world. Right now it is the home of a very important group in the Ripping or Release Group called in the same way. You can even find torrents with this ending on other major trackers. If this website is blocked in your country, then you can use the proxy and to know about the latest proxy click here.


YTS is a site that had a lot of controversy since its launch for having a name similar to the group of the YTS scene, although it has no relationship with it. In any case, YTS has gained a lot of public and is located in the fourth place of trackers with the most visits.


Torrentz2 is the second version of the famous site, which closed its doors last summer. Although they are nothing alike, this version is a search engine that can find torrents on more than 60 sites. Right now, Torrentz2 is gaining a lot of fame for its usability and its ability to find even the weirdest files on the web.


Although 1337x has been surrounded by a lot of controversies after its own administrators and moderators protested about the safety of the site in general, it is still one of the best-designed torrent portals out there that makes it easy to navigate through its multiple categories.

Because of the strict policy it might be possible that this website is banned in your country, so the best option for you to use the proxy for the safety, click here to know about the latest proxy list.

The site was recently updated to improve security features and, together with its attractive design, has led to its popularity and traffic increasing.


EZTV was a very controversial ripping group that died out a couple of years ago, but after many problems, some members founded this site and with the passage of time it has gained fame, although other sites do not accept their contributions.


TorrentDownloads is one of the oldest sites in this category and every year it is blocked by more internet provider companies. However, the administrators have managed to come up with a very large list of torrents to more than a million users per month.


The Limetorrents operator has created iTorrents, a torrent cache tool, this makes the portal position itself as one of the main ones in this category. In LimeTorrents, as in the other sites that we have shared, you will be able to browse a wide category of torrents, be it the latest movies, games, applications, adult content, series, and much more.

We know that Alexa is not the best parameter to choose torrent sites but we are sure that together, these sites have all the torrents that you could need.

Changes can occur every month or even every day, so we do not guarantee that these sites will work in your region in the future since government agencies could block them, but with a good VPN, it would be enough to regain access to these pages.

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