Singer and songwriter Pure xtc is releasing ‘Bad Dreams’ – Video Premiere

Pure xtc, whose real name is Taylor Hughes, is a singer and songwriter. Musician Taylor Hughes established pure xtc during an unusually isolated era. She moved out on her own for the first time in 2019 when she moved to the New York metropolitan region. 

Before the pandemic, she was a drummer for EXNATIONS, an independent dance-pop duo that went on hiatus during the outbreak. In an interview with The Z Show’s Skylar Rochelle, Hughes notes that she hadn’t played the guitar in a project since high school, nor had she ever sang extensively or fronted a band. As a result of her experience in New York, she drew inspiration for this new solo endeavour, but her transfer to the Midwest sped things forward.

The artist behind pure xtc’s latest hit, Taylor Hughes, was inspired by a lunch break. As a result, Taylor Hughes was inspired to write her first single, “Ghost.” It’s a haunting electro-pop track inspired by her experience with solitude in new surroundings, which pure xtc explores in this heartbreaking song.

The inspiration behind the song 

There were days when she woke up and felt a little heavy. She had awful dreams all the time for a few months. One morning, she arrived at work and heard the phrase. She has had awful dreams repeatedly. At the very least, she wrote half of the song on that day.

Bad Dreams” is a haunting tune song that takes the listener right into the heart of a nightmare thanks to a menacing but seductive hook.

Pure xtc first solo effort

It’s hard to believe that pure xtc is Hughes’ first solo effort; her ear for stunning beats and dramatic composition is evident. Synthetic string sounds and dramatic rhythms are enough to get the heart racing and the stomach-churning. Her calm voice weaves between climax musical passages, shedding light on the mysteries of our subconscious minds and the mysteries of the universe.

Her first EP, “Nobody’s Home,” debuted on November 12 and is available for download.

“Bad Dreams” by pure xtc

“Bad Dreams” is the understanding that a toxic relationship has come to an end and reliving all of its terrible elements in the wee hours of the morning. After “Ghost,” pure xtc is releasing “Bad Dreams,” a track that is motivated by anger. This song’s booming voices entice the listener to join the emotional roller coaster. The music video of “Bad Dreams,” is out now:

During the worst breakup of your life, ‘Bad Dreams’ is here to hold your hand. After years of ignoring red signs, you’re now saying farewell to them. Twisting around your neck, the truth is stabbing you in the back like a knife. You can retrace the steps, imagine, and reproduce the ending, but you can’t change it. In this song, you’ll find that moment of acceptance when you’re no longer depressed.

Pure xtc released music video of her latest single, “Bad Dreams,” on December 17, and she soared into the local spotlight. The tune is haunting, with ethereal voices and a resonant synth hook that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

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