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Discover many coloring pages for the little ones: animals, cartoon and video game characters, natural elements and much more.

Coloring pages

DDC123 offers you hundreds of free coloring and printable pages to entertain children with an artistic and educational activity. By choosing the coloring pages of Portal Bambini, you will print unique works: each of our coloring drawings, in fact, is handmade (without resorting to graphics programs or buying it from foreign directories) to convey to the little ones all our love for art and for drawing.

In this section, over time, we have collected more than 100 collections of coloring pages. To find what you need more easily, we suggest you use the menu you find below.

Fantasy and cartoons

The world of fairy tales is boundless and full of ideas; on Portal Children you can find the richest section of fairy tales on the web; once you have finished reading, discover our fantastic characters to color:

•      Castles

•      Crowns

•      Dragons

•      Elves

•      You do

•      Phoenix

•      Goblins

•      Monsters

•      Gingerbread man

•      Pinocchio

•      Robot

•      Sirens and Little Mermaids

•      Witches

•      Vampires

•      Clothes

Animals coloring pages

Animals (a mix of farm and zoo animals, very very simple, ideal for the little ones)

You can download and print animals coloring pages at Animali da colorare

•      Bees

•      Eagles

•      Donkeys

•      Whales

•      Chameleons

•      Camels

•      Kangaroos

•      Dogs

•      Horses

•      Deer

•      Wild boars

•      Ladybugs

•      Crocodiles

•      Doves

•      Rabbits

•      Crows

•      Dolphins

•      Dinosaurs

•      Elephants

•      Butterflies

•      Seals

•      Seagulls

•      Hens

•      Cats

•      Giraffes

•      Gorilla

•      Crabs

•      Owls

•      Koala

•      Insects

•      Hippos

•      Lions

•      Dragonflies

•      Lizards

•      Snails

•      Wolves

•      Pigs

•      Jellyfish

•      Cows

•      Teddy Bears and Teddy Bears

•      Bears

•      Pandacorni

•      Parrots

•      Peacocks

•      Sheep and Sheep

•      Fish

•      Penguins

•      Bats

•      Octopuses and Piovre

•      Chicks

•      Spiders

•      Frogs

•      Reindeer

•      Curls

•      Swallows

•      Monkeys

•      Squirrels

•      Snakes

•      Sharks

•      Turtles

•      Tigers

•      Mice

•      Birds

•      Foxes

•      Zebras


•      hag

•      Carnival

•      Birthday

•      Grandparents day

•      Mother’s Day

•      Father’s Day

•      Saint Lucia

If you are interested in the world of art and creativity for children, discover our section dedicated to creative works ! You will find hundreds of ideas to make small jobs or small works with simple materials.


•      Coloring

•      Antistress coloring pages

•      Abstract coloring pages

•      Geometric coloring pages

•      Mandala

•      Figures with tangram to print and color

•      Tangram to print

•      Connect the dots

•      Kawaii drawings

•      Landscapes

Attention: these images are protected by copyright. Reproducing them on the web – including social networks – without our written permission is prohibited by law. Printing is always permitted for personal use (eg for coloring) and for educational use (eg for exercises in the classroom).

The benefits of coloring

Coloring is an activity with beneficial implications: through this practice, children will be able to train the muscles of the hand to correctly grip the writing instrument (pen, pencil, marker) and to support the physical effort necessary to exercise the stroke. It seems nonsense, but today children are used to holding smartphones and tablets in their hands for many hours every day, with the result that the muscles necessary for writing are weakened. This is why so many children have a hard time writing! Getting them used to coloring from an early age is a formidable exercise: if we propose it through play, we will give them an edge. Finally, according to some scientific studies, the activity of coloring helps children to eliminate stress and anxiety. Although it is not a therapeutic activity,

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