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Why You Should Consider a GPS Tracker for your Motorcycle

If you are weighing up the pros and cons of fitting a security tracker to your bike here’s a sobering thought which may influence your decision. According to the Office for National Statistics, which has provided figures covering the last few years, the number of powered two-wheelers stolen in the UK averages out at 30-40,000 per year.

Those statistics cover all types of two-wheeled vehicles from scooters to cruisers to sports bikes. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have, because if you fail to take steps to make it secure against theft you will stand a high chance of having it stolen at some point. Unfortunately, if this happens, the chance of it being recovered is extremely small. In fact according to motorcycle insurer Bennetts only around 49% of motorbikes stolen ever get recovered and most of these are recovered because they had motorcycle trackers onboard.

How a GPS Tracker Can Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

Many modern motorbikes are fitted with alarms and locking systems but these alone are no deterrent for a determined thief, or increasingly often a gang of thieves. There have been numerous stories in the motorcycle press of bikes simply being lifted up, put in a van and driven off to be either cloned or dismantled for parts later on. And even if you splash out on the very strongest of disc locks or chains to lock your bike to a secure fence there’s no guarantee your bike won’t be taken.

Professional vehicle security advisers such as Trackershop can offer unparalleled help and advice to motorcyclists looking to understand how GPS trackers help in the fight against bike thieves. 

Know Where Your Bike is At All Times

Just as a GPS satnav can tell you exactly where you are in the world so a GPS motorcycle tracker can do exactly the same. This means that when you park your bike in a strange town for example you won’t forget where you parked it as a tracking device does exactly what it says on the tin – it tells you where your bike is by using the satellite network.

Many GPS trackers connect to your smartphone via an app so that you will know not only the real time position of your bike but also will receive an alert if the bike is moved and this function is available 24/7.

How Does a Motorcycle Tracker Work?

A tracker in the form of a ‘black box’ configuration will be installed in a discreet place on the motorcycle and will usually come with encrypted tags or key fobs which stay with you at all times. When you walk away from the vehicle these then arm the tracker putting it on full alert. Effectively a geofence is created around the motorcycle and if the bike is moved without the presence of a tag or fob then an alert is issued either to you or to a security monitoring centre and from this point on the vehicle’s location will be tracked via GPS enabling a greater chance of it being found and returned to you.

Benefits of a GPS Motorcycle Tracker

In addition to any other security devices you may have on your motorcycle a GPS tracker gives a vital additional layer of protection and peace of mind in knowing that your pride and joy is as safe as it can be. It can also save you money in the form of lower insurance premiums and real time information about fuel consumption and mileage covered. Best of all, unlike a lock or chain, a tracker cannot be broken off. That’s why more and more motorcyclists are choosing GPS trackers to keep their bikes safe.

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