Overcome Procrastination and Master Productivity with Life Coach Peter Sage’s 3 Step Formula

Procrastination is one of the most common guilty pleasures of modern-day human life. Up to 20 percent of adults are guilty of procrastinating while around 95 percent of students admit to giving in to putting off their tasks till the last minute. Call it effects of modernity, the upsurge of tech gadgets, or that humans are simply turning into lazy cats; the fact of the matter is that procrastination is the death of productivity.

Peter Sage is an inspirational speaker, philosopher, and author who understands the true value of time and the limitless capabilities that lie in each of us. He believes procrastination is the leading cause of lost opportunities, unwanted stress, and loss of precious time. Every second lost due to procrastination is the loss of an opportunity that could have possibly altered your life. Being a mentor and an inspiring hero for many, Peter not just identifies the problem that is causing distress, but he also presents his simple solutions to help you destroy your limits, overcome self-sabotaging behavior and banish procrastination forever.

  1. Stop Putting The Wrong Things In

According to Peter, humans are adaptation machines and your bodies are naturally adaptive to the environment they are put into. Be that a hot vs. a cold climate, or a gym vs. a fast food restaurant. Though what many fail to appreciate is the same ‘environmental adaptation’ happens with your mind, which soaks in whatever it is fed. This means you can start mastering productivity by changing your mental environment and quit putting the wrong programming in your head. He says, “ If you think of the two biggest things that impact us unconsciously more than anything else, it is the mainstream media and your peer group.’

Getting hooked to the negativity that is the business of mainstream media and being normalised to mediocrity by toxic or unambitious friends and family is what conditions your mind into a procrastinating mode.

  1. Start Putting the Right Things In

Peter further encourages his audience to master productivity by consciously choosing the right kind of programming to support your brain in its innate desire to serve your potential. Whether it’s listening to inspiring talks, motivational content, an uplifting podcast, or interview or an empowering book. Studies show consistent positive input trains your brain to automatically start thinking in terms of possibility, not excuses.

  1. Remove The Things That Shouldn’t Be There

Lastly, he believes in working with a decent mentor who understands the complex process of navigating through the human brain and behaviors, reaching out to identify the subconscious patterns hindering your productivity, and teaching you the right skills to be able to discard them from your system. Addressing unconscious programming is the key to cultivating positive and impactful habits, and according to him, that is the key to removing all the invisible clutter from your minds.

To learn more from the epic author and expert of human behaviors, check out his website.

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