How to remove bad reviews from google?

What do you do when you want to buy a phone online?  When you’re hovering on that website, analysing the spec sheets, comparing the cameras, and wondering whether your precious bucks will be worth it, what do you rely on? You know the best feedbacks always come from those who have already availed of the service. Yes, I’m talking about reviews. Customer feedback is the virtual currency with which a product or service’s credibility is measured.

Google reviews have the potential to give your business a viral boost or burn it to the ground, depending on their nature. So a stinker review on a website or a product is always a businessman’s worst nightmare.

Being in their shoes, one might often wonder if it is possible to delete a negative owner, especially if you are the business owner. Unfortunately, there are people who leave negative reviews for simple issues or fake/false ones simply out of spite or personal vendetta. So is there anything at all that you can do about it? This article is in-depth on the how.

How can you remove a google review?

Let’s get one thing straight. Removing a negative review from google can be one of the most frustrating things in the world. There’s no sure way of doing this, even if the steps are adequately followed. Google reviews are essentially the internet’s word-of-mouth. They attract potential customers to your business or deflect them, depending on the quality of the review. A viral bad review can be disastrous to your business much the same way a viral good one can skyrocket your sales.

But don’t sweat it too much. As it is, having a healthy mix of both positive and negative reviews on Google doesn’t mean you have to close shop tomorrow. On the contrary, a few negative ones in the majority of positive ones will actually make your business look like a legit one. It just means you are a company that is open to feedback… and that you didn’t just hire someone to leave fake bot reviews on your website or beg your friends to say nice things about you. It’s all right, really. Even the best in the business, the top tier companies will have negative reviews. That’s just human nature. You can’t please everyone. So don’t try to control it.

Honestly, the best way to get those rating stars shining is to focus on your craft, deliver better customer service and ensure your product is exactly what the customer needs. But then there are those absolutely nasty and sometimes, possibly fake reviews that should definitely be acted upon.  in the case of a truly nasty or possibly fake review, it’s worth it to do what you can to delete the Google review.

Can you delete a Google Review?

To summarise, yes. There can be times when false or vulgar comments pass through the filters and land up on your website review section. So it is essential to know how to remove a Google review if you need to. There are definite steps that you can take if you feel like someone has wrongly reviewed your product or submitted a fake review to ruin the reputation of your company and disrupt your sales. 

Negative google reviews can be a big blow to any major company but it can be disastrous to small or new businesses. The good news is that you can dispute a google review. The bad news? It is a time consuming process and usually frustrating.

Sadly, it is not as simple as logging in from your own account and deleting the review yourself. There is no option for that simply because google doesn’t allow it. Simply because that undermines the whole point of having a review section in the first place. But what about when people misuse that power? 

You can get in touch with Google, submit a feedback and hope that they will be kind enough to understand your case and remove the review. But there is no guarantee to that. They make take ages to reply. They may never reply. However, it’s probably still worth a try.

10 Review Violations That Google May Remove.

The 10 categories of reviews that are banned and restricted by Google’s review policy, and which may propel Google to remove a review (either automatically or when flagged), are:

  1. Spam and fake content that is posted to manipulate ratings. This includes posting multiple times, including from different accounts.
  2. Off-topic posts that are general in nature, such as political commentary or personal rants.
  3. Promoting actions be taken or items purchased that fail to comply with local legal regulations. Such restricted content includes promoting alcohol, gambling, guns, pharmaceuticals, adult services, and more.
  4. Illegal or depict illegal activity, such as copyrighted content, endangered animal products, graphic violence, human trafficking, etc.
  5. Terrorist in nature.
  6. Sexually explicit or in any way sexually exploits children.
  7. Offensive, obscene, or profane.
  8. Dangerous, considered harassment or intimidating, or that incite hatred.
  9. Impersonating others or having false representation.
  10. Dishonest or biased. This includes posting reviews of your own business (or having a current or former employee do it for you) and trying to manipulate a competitor’s ratings.

How to Delete a Bad Google Review of Your Business.

Unfortunately, there is no big red button with a recycle bin icon on it. However, if you are the owner of a business that has come across a bad one, there are various ways you cantrash that review.

One of the primary steps the business owner should take if they want a particular review to be removed is definitely to respond to the reviewer. Respond to the customer with proper professional courtesy, say the right things, resolve a query or offer guidance or troubleshooting solutions if needed and the customer might have a change of heart and choose to remove the Google review on their own. At least, you can minimize the damage as other potential customers will get to see your side of the story and learn a bit about your customer relations skills.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when responding to a negative review:

  • Respond kindly
  • Do not get defensive, and don’t make it personal
  • Apologize if necessary, and offer to make it right
  • Keep the response brief and to the point
  • Take the conversation to a private channel like text or email

These tips could be the key that unlocks the difference between the reviewer withdrawing the bad review or letting it stay. You may advise the person to reach out to your company so that you can investigate and follow up on the issue and keep the customer updated. Rectify the reason that made them leave a bad review in the first place.

How to Respond to a Google Review:

If you aren’t too sure on how to respond to the google reviews, here’s a simple guide to it.

First, ensure that the business is enlisted in your claimed business list. Meaning, ensure you register yourself on google as the owner of that particular business. This will grant you access to the listing on Google’s search results where you can edit information such as the website or hours—and respond to reviews.

You may claim your business listing by visiting and entering details about your business.

Simply sign into Google My Business (you’ll need to set this account up in step 1 if you haven’t already) and select the location (in case you have multiple ones) with the review you’d like to respond to.In the menu, select “Reviews.” Then click “Respond” next to the review you would like to address. Type your response and click “Submit.”

Flag the Review:

If you believe you have received a review that s fake, inappropriate, or promotes a competitor you can flag it to be reviewed by Google for removal. Only reviews that violate Google policy will be removed.

These are the simple steps that you can follow to flag a review:

  • Log into Google My Business.
  • Select the location (if you have multiple)
  • In the menu, select “Reviews”
  • Find the review in question. Click the three-dot menu, then select “Flag as inappropriate.”

It is worth noting that it may take several days for someone at Google to review your request and determine whether they will delete your Google flagged review. If possible, you can ask other people to flag the review as well, as this might draw more attention to an offensive review and encourage Google to remove the multiply flagged review.

Flagging the review and/or responding to the unfair comments sometimes gets the review removed. But if those strategies fail, the next step is to report the review to Google Small Business Support.

How to Contact Google Small Business Support.

Finally, to contact Google’s support for businesses, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down and select “contact us”
  • Select “customer reviews and photos,” and then “manage customer reviews”
  • Choose to receive help via phone, web chat, or email

Using any of these methods, you can expect help within 24 hours. If you choose to contact Google via email or chat, it is helpful to have a screenshot of the review in question ready to go.

You can also send a tweet to the Google My Business team (@GoogleMyBiz) from your company Twitter account. Someone may reply to you and you can take things from there. You could also search for and seek advice about the removal of reviews in the Google community support forum.

The importance of reputation management in the gen Z online market is as crucial as having to sell your products online. Everything dwells on reputation, hangs on the balance of a rope strung together by words of mouth and a smartphone keyboard. There are numerous reputation management agencies and companies that handle the PR of businesses. Your best bet is to always have such a team on standby, just the way magicians keep one trump card up their sleeve. Let the pros do the heavy lifting. Either way, when it comes to your business, we know you will make sure that negative reviews are minimized. Because that’s the kind of brand value and work ethic you stand for. 

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