How BULLZ App is Creating a Beneficial Situation for the Crypto World

Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic as people realize its potential. Many have joined the industry, and some are terming it the future of money. However, the complex nature and volatility of the market can make it tricky for someone to succeed.

To survive and find their way, people have become part of different crypto communities where they share information and the latest news on the industry. One such platform is the BULLZ app. Termed the TikTok of crypto, the BULLZ app is helping all win through its unique approach.

The BULLZ app is a social recommendation platform leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations to help people earn and expand their knowledge on crypto. Through their platform, they provide the audience with trusted, authenticated community information and education about projects, tokens, exchanges, and everything crypto.

In doing so, the BULLZ app is also helping people earn WOM Tokens. These are rewards that are calculated based on the daily interaction of your recommendation video. BULLZ app CEO and founder Melanie Mohr explains that with each video, the more likes or comments you get, the higher the WOM Tokens.

Additionally, she notes for you to be eligible to earn, your recommendation video must pass authentication. As crypto becomes more popular and new currencies are coming up, it has become challenging to find real projects. With more people joining the space, there has also been an increase in misleading information, which can be discouraging to the trader and can even lead to losses.

To ensure their users get accurate and reliable data that will guide them in making educated decisions, the BULLZ app has an integrated WOM Protocol. This helps them peer review every piece of content, checking the authenticity, creativity, and positivity, allowing users to monetize only honest word-of-mouth recommendations.

More than just an app, the BULLZ app is helping people find real projects and earn rewards by sharing crypto and blockchain-related information. The BULLZ app is also looking to release additional features such as leader boards.

With this in place, both the creator and user will be able to see trending projects, access how each is fairing, and know which to invest in. Melanie explains, “The leader board will also support a better understanding of the metrics by showing how many people are talking about the project.”

With so many projects, the industry has become highly competitive, making marketing crucial for success. To cement their spot, different brands are using airdrops or bounty campaigns within the blockchain community as a means to spread awareness and push for more adoption.

Here to change the game, the BULLZ app provides the perfect opportunity for those projects to tap into genuine word of mouth – the most valuable form of marketing – allowing their communities to get rewarded for spreading the word about them.

Rather than prepaid brand deals and compromising promotions, creators have the freedom to “promote to earn” on BULLZ. Their recently launched WOM Campaign Manager allows brands to browse user recommendations about their projects and purchase WOM Tokens to boost their selected content, giving it more exposure on the BULLZ app.

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