Canvas Prints: Classic Charm for a Modern Decoration

Meta description: Canvas prints have the charm of the painting but also a certain contemporary freshness. Modern and personalised canvas prints are a decorative element with an interesting impact for the rooms of the house.s

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Canvas Prints: Classic Charm for a Modern Decoration

They have the effect of a painting, but thanks to modern technologies, the fabric becomes accessible not only to any type of subject, but also to our personal images. A decorative element of great charm, but to be used with care to avoid falling into banality

They have the charm of the painting but also a certain contemporary freshness:  modern and personalized canvas stretching prints are a decorative element with an interesting impact for the rooms of the house.

With digitization it has become possible to print one’s own photographs on this material, but the production of canvas prints with original images to have the painting effect on the walls is also widespread.

A popular solution also for the depth effect it creates with the typical thickness of the wooden frame around which the canvas print is wrapped. And thanks to its typical structure, for which the frame is optional, the final effect is extremely clean. That’s why large canvas prints are very popular to take up entire walls.

Modern canvas prints

The advice for those looking for a ready-made image is to avoid subjects such as famous paintings. The imitation effect could lead to temptation, but the end result is always trivial. Better to focus on contemporary subjects, graphics, even patterns or, for those who love abstract drawings . That is, to use the print on canvas as a background of color on the wall, an effect that works best in the absence of a frame because of the continuity with the wall.

There are many sites that offer this type of decoration for the walls of the house, but most are dedicated exclusively to traditional paper prints for framing. But there is no shortage of sites that offer canvas prints as an additional option and in some cases as the only solution.  An online store where you can buy personalised canvas prints is

Custom canvas prints 

There are many online services that offer the possibility of reproducing your own photographic (and non-photographic) images on a canvas print. There are not many references to the type of cotton used, but some allow you to choose between matte or glossy finishes. 

Instead, it is always better to check that the structure is made of wood, so the most reliable suppliers also offer the choice of different thicknesses. Another interesting option, but not always present, is the one dedicated to edges that can be elongated, mirrored, continuous or dyed white or black.

The choice of the subject is always personal. The portraits work best for smaller sizes, placed on a floor against the wall. In any case, the advice is to leave the edges of the image blurred, even better if they are white. 

For detailed images, such as those of architecture, it is better to go to a more traditional print on glossy paper that enhances this type of images. In general, canvas printing works best when trying to replicate the effect of a classic painting.

 Compositions on the walls

One arrangement that canvas prints lend themselves to are diptychs and triptychs (but in some cases there are also more panels). Thanks to the absence of a frame, the continuity effect is more effective. For custom images there is often an option directly on sites that offer this type of printing to correctly divide the image across multiple frames.

For those who love gallery walls, canvas prints become an element both to be inserted between the classic frames to increase the variety of formats, or they can be image compositions made entirely with this material. The variety will be ensured by the different formats, subjects, but also the different thicknesses of the frames.

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