INTERVIEW: Gabrielle Ammirato

Welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you for having me.  In today’s data overloaded World it can seem impossible to be seen, heard and valued so I appreciate this opportunity you are giving me to speak with your audience!

I’ve been good but super busy.  I am finishing up my fall semester at Berklee and heading into my final semester in the spring!  I have just completed my “Metamorphosis” EP which serves as my Capstone project for my Professional Music degree and my entry into my career after Berklee.  I am completing an Internship in radio promotion with Powderfinger Promotions which is teaching me the super important skills of how to leverage radio as an Indie artist.  Finally working at Berklee as an Audition Assistance and Orientation/Community leader so I give back to the community that has shaped me by helping new students feel welcome and included.  So soaking up all these experiences and opportunities is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

Can you talk to us more about your new EP?

I started writing the songs that ended up becoming “Metamorphosis” about a year ago and this process was enhanced by leveraging some of my course work and professors.  Shout out to George Woods for his guidance and mentorship in Directed Study Songwriting and Rodney Alejandro for his mentorship and instruction in Advanced Producer-Songwriter.  While all my professors have shaped me into the artist I have become these two played key roles at a stage where my EP was coming to life.  I chose the title because metamorphosis reflects, and evolution and growth and this EP is the result of my Berklee artistic development journey as well as the life experiences I encountered along the way.  In particular we have all been living through one of the most challenging times in human history with this global pandemic that seems never ending.  The past couple of years have involved immeasurable change and loss that has shaped me in unimaginable ways.  The themes I have included in this EP reflect loss, love, social change and inclusion which I believe everyone can relate to so I am hopeful everyone finds something for themselves in it.  At its core this EP is representative of growth and beauty both essential elements of metamorphosis, it very personal to me and reveals my heart so I hope it resonates with folks.  There are 4 tracks on my EP entitled Hideaway, Rainbow, Lesson to Learn, and Sunflower and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing and recording them.

What do you hope your fans will take away from the EP?

My biggest inspiration for writing music is to make people feel something and connect with the stories I share. 

At my core I write form personal experiences so I put myself out there which takes courage as it leaves you vulnerable in a World that can be cruel.   Taking this approach allows us to embrace at our humanity and create meaningful connections.  I think our World needs more compassion, empathy, and vulnerability because it allows all the beauty of our humanity to flourish in it.  If I role model this behavior I am being the change I want to see in the World and inviting others to join me.  I ultimately want my music to change people’s lives in meaningful ways, so they feel connected to themselves and others and help each other through all the different journeys of life.  Our World needs more Positivity, and my music is one of the vehicles I use to influence that.  I hope this messaging resonates with my fans and together we seek to change the World in ever more impactful ways. 

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording and writing process took about a year total from start to finish.  It was so much fun to be able to start with a stripped-down piano and vocal version and build these tracks into what I envisioned them to be an beyond.  They ended up exceeding my initial expectations and that feels incredible.  Driving the creative process the entire way through while working with much more seasoned professionals was empowering and exhilarating.  I learned that my artistry must shine through in my songs and be 100% what I want so it vibes with my spirit.  Taking influence and direction from others enriches the experience but it is key to not allow it to distort or drown out my unique style.  I was blessed to have a family member introduce me to his childhood friend Wayne Trevisani who was a dream to work with.  His experience and skills are exceptional, and he is so open and inclusive despite his deep experience.  He had the contacts to bring in amazing musicians to play on the songs and that gave us the opportunity to do the horn and string sections in the songs that are so incredible.  I have often been told my sound is unique in that it has influences from past musical eras, a bit of an R&B or jazzy sound as well as the singer-songwriter vibe.  Wayne and his network were the perfect partners to bringing this vision to life and I could not be prouder of it.  Well worth all the trips from Boston to his studio in NYC!

What songs from your new EP will resonate with your fans the most. 

The beauty of this EP is that there is something in it for everyone, and it can meet them where they are in their life today.  I have had many folks give a listen and provide feedback and insights and I have to say each song has its own fanbase.  I can’t even pick a personal overall favorite because I love them all and find that each day a different one rises to the top for me based on my vibe that day.   So, for folks who have recently been disappointed by love Lesson To Learn will likely stand out.  That song has a bit of a cheeky attitude to being played by someone who didn’t have the right intentions in a relationship.  It combines the messaging of knowing your own worth and the importance of self-love and being authentic, knowing that even when things go wrong there is a lesson to be taken from the experience that will enrich your life, and finally that not everyone is worthy of your love and loyalty so don’t tolerate a situation that is unworthy of you.  Sunflower is about losing a key person in your life and how to process that in a positive way rather than allowing it to just tear a hole in your soul.  Hideaway is influenced by the incredible feelings one has when they meet their “twin flame” and realize that home is not a place but rather the way a person makes you feel and completes your life.  Finally, Rainbow reflects how I processed the last couple years of injustice and social change and the divisions that feel so strong in our World today.  Simply put Rainbow points out that our World is incomplete without any color or other element because each of our uniqueness brings diversity and beauty to it.  Inclusion is the key to our future!  I would love to hear from folks which one is their favorite and why!

What else is happening next in Gabrielle Ammirato world?

I am completing my dual degree at Berklee in Songwriting and Professional Music (Production and Music Business concentrations).  In my last semester I added a Minor in Musical Theater Writing.  That may seem strange, but I actually started out in Musical Theater as a kid and recently rediscovered that love while taking Songwriting for Musical Theater.   I LOVE the newish Broadway shows like “Jagged Little Pill”, “Dear Evan Hanson”, “Waitress” and “Hamilton”.  While I adore old Broadway the new way of storytelling I see in these more current shows really appeals to me.  Going to see “Six” soon and so excited.  Really keen to explore being a part of this new wave of Broadway shows.  Finally, I am working on my next EP.  Timing “Metamorphosis” to coincide with the Fall school semester since it is my Capstone Project meant some songs were not ready to be “born” yet.  The next EP is not titled yet but stay tuned for more exciting details about that very soon.  I’m excited to jump back into the studio with these next four tunes and hope to be dropping the next EP in June. I also am in the process of booking some live shows into the new year and maybe even a small east coast tour by the middle of summer.  Graduating in May 2022 will be a highlight of 2022.  So very busy but very exciting time in my life which I can’t wait to share with all of you so please follow me on my socials.  Always keen to hear from fans so please reach out, it could influence my exciting projects that are coming!

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