An In-Depth Guide to Basement Waterproofing Techniques

When taking care of your home, one of the most vital things is to keep it dry even during monsoon. Houses with a basement urgently require waterproofing, as the area below the soil lies close to the water table. A home with a dry basement helps the inmates to live comfortably, thereby expanding their living space. It increases the value of a house and ensures a healthy structure for the upper floors. Smart foundation repair and basement waterproofing can help you tackle the problem of a wet basement, protecting your home through budget-friendly options.

Significance of a dry basement in a house

Every household should achieve a dry basement at the time of renovation, specifically if they want to enhance the living space. With an innovative and well-planned structure, a home owner can double the habitable space by working on the basement. One can easily install utility services, such as a washer, dryer, and water heater at the basement level, thereby transforming his home into a vast living area.

Understanding basement waterproofing

Once you have understood the significance of transforming the basement area into a living space, the next step is to gauge the techniques for the same. Basement waterproofing requires several fixers like cleaning the gutters and coating the basement wall. It involves the coordination of multiple projects to establish a dry area in your house’s basement—all the zones of the house structure for establishing a complete living space. It would help if you adequately graded the outer zone of the house that transports water to your home to prevent it from reaching your basement. The house’s foundation plays a crucial role as it includes the wall drain pipes, doors, and windows, ensuring water elimination and protection of your home.

Here are a few methods of basement waterproofing concerning the interior and exterior of your home:

Establish a slope that will carry the water away from the house

An important strategy to keep the water away from home is grading the soil differently. Hiring professionals for this job will make it easy. Such individuals use tools such as a shovel and wheelbarrow to extend the slope away from the house’s foundation wall. Such a method will prevent the outflow of water from coming back to your home.

Build a spectacular drainage system

Another consideration to keep water away from destroying your home is developing a drainage system that takes the wastewater far away with the help of sewer pipes. Expert technicians create a drainage system that allows water to exit through pop-up drains in the backyard, thereby leaving the house’s foundation dry.

Coating the foundation of the house interiors

It is significant to provide the coating to the inside of the concrete block, thereby covering the missionary walls with ready-mix products. Such waterproof coatings help repair damp wall leakage in the walls, specifically in the basement.

Install dehumidifiers to eliminate excess moisture at the interiors

Some houses have high humidity at the basement level. A home with more than 50% humidity must install dehumidifiers to pull out a few pints of water from the air, thereby leaving it dryer and warm.

Further, the problem of groundwater intrusion can get resolved by installing slum pumps, clearing flooding from the basement area. If you have already installed such pumps, the next step is to ensure their maintenance.

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