Putting the Spotlight on G-Spot Orgasms as Reality with Kim Anami

In a world where misinformation about the female body is everywhere, Kim Anami is on a mission to help women find their own truths, taboos be damned. That starts with helping them understand and harness the mystical power of the Grafenberg spot, or G-spot for short. The G-spot is a collection of sensitive vaginal nerve endings that can be one of the greatest sources of sexual pleasure.

Despite being a hugely important part of the feminine sexual experience, misinformation about the G-spot abounds. Few women learn how to use this area productively during sexual encounters, in part because of distortions that claim women aren’t capable of experiencing orgasms via their G-spot. Through her work as a holistic sex and wellness coach, Anami has set out to disprove such myths while promoting positive discourse on exciting and satisfying intercourse.

Women Can Educate Themselves to Improve Their Sexual Experiences

Anami said many women come to her believing they are simply unable to experience an orgasm. “The biggest issue is removing blockages and bringing consciousness to these areas where people are largely unaware,” she said. G-spot orgasms are possible for all women but for those who haven’t experienced them, Anami said they can feel unattainable. “They don’t know what they don’t know.”

In online tutorials, Anami walks clients through the anatomy, history, and science behind the G-spot to first dispel any misconceptions they might hold about it. Then, she teaches them about other physiological factors that could affect their sex drive, including hormones and emotional health. By exploring both the physical and mental barriers that prevent G-spot orgasms, Anami helps clients figure out their individual blockages. “It might take them longer because they have more trauma, more blockages within them to work through to get to the right place,” she said.

In this way, Anami helps prepare her clients for the intense energy that a fulfilling sex life can provide. Through a variety of physical techniques and open communication, she guides her clients in a well-rounded approach to their own sexual health and discovery. This includes physically strengthening vaginal walls, emotional energetic healing, and increasing sensual self-awareness. “Know thyself” is the cardinal rule.

Kim Anami on Energy and Experience for G-Spot Orgasms

To Anami, energy is not a catch-all term for intangible sensations: It is a force that channels emotions and sensations through the body. “My view is that sexual energy is creative energy, and this is the energy that creates new life,” Anami said. For her, new life can fuel anything from new experiences to new partnerships. “Sexual energy is a massively overlooked and censored resource that we all have literally at our fingertips, but no one knows how to use it that way consciously because we’ve all been so shamed, tabooed, and traumatized away from that connection,” Anami said.

Anami believes women can unlock the potential of their G-spot for orgasms with experience, education, and understanding. During her practice, she has seen women actively avoid G-spot orgasms because they are afraid their partner won’t understand their strong reaction to the sensation.

To address this fear, Anami encourages women to explain to sexual partners what they can expect as a reaction when sexual desires are met. “I sense he’s prepared for the intensity…then I can let go. If I don’t feel like he can take it, I’ll have a much harder time getting there,” Anami said.

Women who hold back during intimacy find themselves less than satisfied. Anami believes that helping women open up about the experience will also help them open up to the energy G-spot orgasms can provide.

“Sometimes a woman will go home that very night and she will have her very first G-spot orgasm just because I told her that she could. And she believed me. If you build it, they will come.”


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