For the Love of Music: Introducing Internationally Recognized Crossover Artist, IVA

IVA’s talent is undeniable, she has a powerful and captivating voice spanning multiple genres. Her name has earned recognition from audiences around the world who love her versatile voice, music and story! We had the opportunity to catch up with her to learn more about her musical journey and all the new exciting projects she has in the works.

Please give us your backstory, how did you discover your love for music and what made you decide to pursue it as a professional career?

My family loves music and it was always playing in our house. My dad remembers that he’d play “The Ride of the Valkyries” and I would ride my hobby horse around. I think there’s a picture somewhere …

I was asked to sing with Opera Delaware when I was nine and I didn’t know I had a good voice. My grandparents, who were both amateur musicians, signed me up with their friend Evelyn Swensson who had incredible energy to create children’s operas. I’d spend my weekends rehearsing with friends and then we’d get on stage … and I was hooked. 

In college I realized that I was compelled to sing and wanted to do it more than anything else, and so I decided to go to conservatory. I worked hard to get in and, after two tries, I did and the rest has been steady work to walk through the doors that have swung open for me as well as cultivating the energy it takes to bring an inspiration to fruition.

Do you play any instruments? If so, which one is your favorite?

Yes! I play piano and guitar. I have always loved the piano yet recently I learned guitar and have so enjoyed the feel of holding the instrument. It helps that it’s portable and easy to bring to gigs.

What inspires your songwriting? What is the resounding message in most of your songs?

My first song was about a desire to “wake up”. I wrote “All I Wanna Feel is the Truth” and sang it over and over along with the other lyrics. I often write songs about the truth that I feel in certain situations or how to find the truth when I can’t seem to get there. I practice yoga and meditation and do my best to learn more about myself and others. I have a profound curiosity to discover why people behave as they do, myself included.

With still so many restrictions with in-person, live events – can you give 3 tips to artists on how they can keep their spirits high and their music career on track?

My upcoming single “Run” speaks to that. It’s about running in the north of Sweden in the dead of winter when it’s dark at noon. My friend who does that says that it’s a magical time when she feels like she has the world to herself. Sometimes we have to “run” in the dark times of life and helps us find the light inside. Playing our voice and instruments also does that, so we need to keep making music in whatever context we can. And remember to be grateful for even having the ability to create music in the first place. It’s a profound language and helps us understand ourselves and connect with each other.

If you didnt become a musician, what do you think youd be doing today?

Moping around feeling miserable, probably 😉 In all seriousness, I really can’t see myself doing anything else. I read the parable of the talents when I was starting my career and felt that no matter how big or small my talent was, it was my duty to the universe to let it come through me and bring it into the world. I truly feel like a channel, because I didn’t know that I would be doing popular music when I set out to be a singer. But, the opportunities I got showed me otherwise. So … here we are.

What upcoming projects do you currently have in the works?

I’m currently recording some of the songs that I’ve been writing in Nashville at Turtle Studios in Philadelphia with Ross Bellenoit as producer. My band and I are so happy to be back in the studio. I’m also writing an opera about my experience as a victim of domestic abuse. I’ve written some of the music but right now I’m working on the libretto (words) of the opera. It’s intense work but it’s helping me heal from all I have gone through, and I hope that it will help others do the same.

How can our readers connect with you?

Come visit which has links to all my music and socials, as well as a way to sign up for IVA news.

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