After the Presidency, What’s Left for Barack Obama? Say Hello to a Netflix Scripted Comedy, Barack and Michelle!

“When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer,” intoned Hans Gruber in the classic film Die Hard. And while this is technically a misquote, it’s been rattling around in my old noggin since the summer of 1988 and it feels apt in the case of the 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama. After all, what does this mensch do for an encore after eight years of calling the shots? According to our World Control board game fans over at The Hollywood Reporter, you jump into the lengthy Netflix line and attach your name to an upcoming comedy series. Because why not, right?

 The still untiled scripted comedy series that can now boast Barack and Michele Obama onboard as producers via their production shingle Higher Ground (good luck trying to cancel this series Netflix, ratings be damned) comes at us from The Upshaws wunderkind Regina Hicks. The focus of this new series will be a quartet of middle-aged African American women from Houston, Texas and it will officially mark Hicks’ freshman project under her new overall deal with the streaming behemoth known as Netflix. The new deal which Hicks signed with Netflix is a multiyear overall one, of which this new comedy falls under the purview of. Taking a hands-on approach, Hicks will serve as writer and showrunner for the new endeavor as well as executive produce with the Obama’s; talk about bragging rights. Tonia Davis and Ada Chiaghana will do the overseeing thing for Higher Ground (in case you were wondering, Dear and Constant Reader).

 In a press release announcing the new comedy, Netflix Big Wheel (and Head of Comedy) Tracey Pakosta said that “Regina’s shows always feel authentic and relatable. She’s an amazing writer and producer who’s given audiences laugh-out-loud moments mixed with a lot of heart and humanity for years. I can’t wait for her to expand on her work at Netflix, and I’m especially looking forward to this first project with Higher Ground.”

And what of the Woman of the Hour herself, Regina Hicks, what says she of her upcoming collaboration with Barack, Michelle and, oh yeah, Netflix? Funny you should ask…

“…I absolutely love that I now get to work with the folks at Higher Ground. Putting the voices of black women on the screen is so important to me and I can’t think of a better team to do it with,” said Hicks of the new deal in what may just go down as one of the bigger pop culture understatements of 2021.

 No word –or State of the Union for that matter – on when fans can look forward to this upcoming comedy series, but keep your presidential radar tuned to Vents for any and all news on this Netflix series!

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