Christmas Team-building Activities and Workshops in Melbourne

The Victorian capital has a lot of traditions to follow this time of the year. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, the city has had a legacy of completely immersing itself in the festive spirit by organising some of the other activities throughout the month. There are special concerts, Christmas-themed movies in theatres, family events, workplace activities, and many more such goings-on throughout the city. 

Ideas To Have Fun With Your ‘Other Family’

Now, when the market for celebrations is so titanic, it sometimes becomes out of hand to manage such celebrations individually, as people are involved in home festivities as well as their workplace celebrations. Thus, Melbourne has flourished its business to cater to such individuals who need an organiser to look after all their Christmas event’s preparation, while they also enjoy all the festivities being unruffled and tranquility. There are many event organisers in the city, who can aid you in managing your workplace events for Christmas and on short notices. 

Offices often use such seasons to organise events that incorporate communication skills, strategy, and planning, workplace team-building activities, team-bonding activities, cohesion among team members, delegation, change management, and many other such values which make an organisation a humane one. 

Amid the pandemic situation, such activities have gone for a toss. And the results are not just abstract or within the individual, but are pouring down onto the performance of the companies. In the last three years, 67% of employers have reported that there is an increase in staff departures. As per the PWC survey, 2017, 63% of CEOs are worried about the lack of trust in business. Presenteeism has cost $6.1 billion to companies where the employees are showing up for work but have a decreased performance. 

Thus, it becomes essential for the employees, the employer, and the company, on the whole, to keep up the morale of the staff by conducting such group activities for employees from time to time. 

Following are a few ideas for arranging Christmas employee engagement and fun group activities and corporate team-building tasks in Melbourne.

  • Interactive And Emotionally Charged Races

There are races organised for the teams who participate. These are not our usual running races. This race involves hilarious challenges, clever riddles, obstacles, roadblocks, and many exciting tests.  This also delivers the lessons of overcoming and dealing with the real-world state of affairs that the staffs face daily.

These activities will help you see the natural talent hidden within your teammates and how they move across the barriers of gender, race, culture, and nationality and win this race.

  • Breakout From HMS Prison Pentridge 

This activity is a perfect adventure for your team. It is where ‘Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black’ meet. The team members are kept in the prison’s D-Division. This is where the last execution of a man had taken place in 1967 in the gallows. If that does not give you the creeps, then having to work together in a locked cell definitely will. They need to solve strategic challenges to get out of there. This task is suitable for Christmas as well as your Halloween gaming. 

  • Are You A Cocktail Expert?

Think you can handle making a flavourful cocktail? Can you add some ‘flair’ to it? Enter the universe of cocktail bartending and learn how to make them creatively. Cocktail-making gives a boost to your social skills, confidence, and culinary and creative skills. Here is a way to enjoy and learn a healthy cocktail-making session and start your Christmas by surprising your colleagues.

  • See How Your Team Fares In A Regatta Boat Race

Set your team on a regatta boat racing contest and see how they tackle the high seas. This race will bring out the teamwork and communication skills from them, which will be combined with fun and a never-fading memory. Under a qualified skipper’s guidance, your team can learn problem-solving while contesting with other groups along with the sailing language. This sailing regatta could prove to be a stress buster from the monotonous city lifestyle. 

  • Witness Melbourne’s View From The Top In A Hot Air Balloon

Treat your eyes to this tranquil experience of gazing at the beauty of Melbourne from the heights of the clouds. The hot air balloon basket can contain around 10 people. You can form multiple such groups and fly high simultaneously. The teams work together and inflate and deflate the balloon before and after the flight. 

It is your chance to gift your team with this breathtaking and surreal flight this Christmas. You can later also plan for a pleasant afternoon lunch and discuss the ballooning experiences. 

  • Beach Partying And Games

Beaches always stay a calming spot for the corporate workers. You can arrange a day out for your team on the beach and include a variety of games and sports. For example volleyball, sand sculpting, hula hooping, pirate treasure hunt, water sports, and many other such activities will be relaxing for your entire crew. And you can wrap up the day by organising an evening carnival and fashioning exotic seafood. 

  • Lets Kindle Kindness This Christmas

The entire team can come together and plan out how to arrange food for say 100-150 homeless people. Since it’s Christmas time, everyone can pitch in an item and gather it in a hamper. Cook the food by your own hands for them and realise the satisfaction on your own! Be it chocolates, loaves of bread, or cookies. Dust off your special culinary recipes and prepare what you love, with love. 

  • Show Your Best Moves And Grooves

Sing Christmas carols not only inside the audis of your offices but spread happiness outside on the streets as well. Shed off your shyness and accept the teammates as your own. Perform Christmas-based flash mobs and recollect the tales of baby Jesus which you used to adore in your childhood. Relive your school memories of participating in concerts and tableaus. 

Have faith in these activities. Because it’s time to bring back a vibrant work culture in the post-pandemic times and not just meet the deadlines on time but smash them beforehand!

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