Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements have enjoyed a steady increase in popularity in recent years. Some of the biggest reasons why are the many health and beauty benefits collagen offers. Since it is the dominant protein in the skin, muscles, and bones, it has a huge impact on them. Let’s review how collagen supplements can improve the health and performance of these organs, and why so many people opt for them.

Why is collagen important?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. There is so much collagen because it is a major component of connective tissues such as ligaments, muscles, and skin. The abundance of collagen itself suggests it has very important roles – giving strength to the bones by making tendons and muscles stronger, and giving skin its structure. As the body ages, collagen gets digested more easily, and the body’s need for it increases. This can simply be observed on the skin as it loses its “plumpness” as the body ages, or in decreased mobility of the joints in elderly people. Collagen can be absorbed from a few select foods such as bone broth or pork skin but most people nowadays opt for collagen supplements since they are much easier to use. In addition to this, natural food reserves of collagen require a long preparation time, making collagen supplements more affordable and efficient to use.

Younger skin

One of the biggest reasons why collagen supplements are used nowadays is to improve the overall look of the skin. Collagen peptides have been shown to support many aspects of skin health, a matter which is quite a hot topic in the science and nutrition communities. Since collagen makes up almost 80% of the skin, it without a doubt impacts the way it looks. Once the body starts to age, it loses the ability to maintain the same amount of collagen due to the increased activity of proteins that digest it. One of the ways to combat this is to inhibit this protein (collagenase) by various beauty products but this will not ensure the skin looks younger. Therefore, most people opt for collagen supplements to make up for the loss of collagen peptides due to the effect of this protein. Many studies have shown that people with increased collagen intake have fewer wrinkles, fine lines and that even the texture of the skin improved.

Collagen boosts muscle mass

Another huge benefit of collagen supplements is that they supply muscles with adequate support. How does this work? Since about 10% of muscle tissue is composed of collagen, this protein is without a doubt required for the muscles to function properly and remain strong. This is not only beneficial for athletes but also for people well into their mature age who have started losing muscle mass naturally. One of the ways this can be regulated is with whole body collagen which can make up for the lost protein, and keep muscles healthy, new, and functioning properly. Furthermore, collagen supplements can be especially helpful to people who have some kind of muscle disorder such as sarcopenia. In this instance, collagen is a very recommended supplement. Last but not least, some studies have found that intake of collagen promotes the synthesis of other proteins that otherwise aid the muscles. Creatinine, one of the proteins that promote muscle growth, is more readily synthesized if collagen is abundant in the body.

Collagen promotes stronger bones

Collagen, other than helping skin and muscles, has a big role in regulating bone health. There are two ways collagen aids bones and keeps them healthy. Firstly, bones are largely supported by tendons which are almost 90% made up of collagen. By taking collagen supplements, tendons heal faster, and thus the bone integrity as well. Tendons will be more elastic and will not impair bone position. Secondly, the bone matrix itself, and the matrix around the bones have large amounts of collagen. This means that this network of collagen makes a smooth environment for the bones so the joints don’t wear off, and that other nutrients can have safe travels to aid the bones. Furthermore, the bone integrity itself is maintained throughout the natural decay of collagen. Collagen supplements can target both the tendons and the bone matrix and keep everything functioning smoothly and properly.

Collagen supplements have a broad application in the body and keep many organs such as bones, muscles, and even the skin in mint shape. This is not only beneficial to look younger and fresher but to feel like this too. Collagen supplements are one efficient way to keep the body functioning properly from the inside out.

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