Sylvester Stallone Tapped to Star in Upcoming Mob Drama Series for Paramount+

I love me some Rocky and count actor Sylvester Stallone’s performance as the Italian Stallion Rocky Balboa as one of the true gems in the Hollywood crown. The first film is an American classic and the franchise of the down but never out boxer with a heart of gold has seen peaks and valleys during its long tenure, yet remains a true cinematic evergreen when you get right down to it. Still…

The Rocky films (as well as the Rambo movies) have been a blessing and a curse for Stallone: A blessing in the sense that they’ve allowed this talented thespian a full-fledged career in the industry that has gone pretty much unabated over the last five decades. Job security is always a nifty thing, but the blessing of these dual franchises has also proven to be a hindrance to a remarkable actor with true range. If you doubt my veracity on that claim, Dear and Constant Reader then I would humbly point you to some Stallone performances that argue that there is – or should be – life after the boxing ring: The movie F.I.S.T., while unfortunately named, showcased a nuanced performance by Stallone as de facto Jimmy Hoffa placeholder Johnny Kovak, a man with a good heart who makes a pact with the devil (also known as the mafia) in order to better the lives of working men everywhere. Cop Land, too, stretched Stallone as the sheriff of a little town which has become corrupted by a whole lot of dirty cops. Guess who gets to take out the trash, Baretta-style? These are but two lovely performances by an often-times underrated actor and, if I could have but one wish, it would be that there were many more of this ilk in Sylvester Stallone’s cadre of roles.

Perhaps sensing my frustration, The Hollywood Reporter announced such a rare bird today with an upcoming Paramount+ series set to feature Sly in a mob drama entitled Kansas City.

Stallone is onboard the Paramount+ Kansas City as a mobster – the lead role in the production, it should be noted –who is forced to relocate from his stomping grounds in New York City to, you guessed it, Kansas City, Missouri. Once settled into his new digs, Stallone must re-establish his Mafia family in a decidedly Midwestern setting. Taylor Sheridan of Yellowstone fame and The Sopranos wunderkind Terence Winter are calling the shots on this intriguing project.

No production start date as of yet on Kansas City, but you can bet your autographed Over the Top movie poster that just as soon as we know more of this new series we’ll be passing the information along to you!

 So this is brilliant news if you’re a longtime fan and supporter of Sylvester Stallone. Creed III – who needs it? Buckle up and get ready to check out what promises to be a tour de force from a truly great thespian!

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