Maro DēLo releasing back-to-back songs launched another beautiful release “Willing Hands”

The wait is over! One of the most stunning, most inspiring, most loving artists of our time Maro DēLo brings us another amazing song Willing Hands. It is beautifully composed with optimism and art to grab the down souls and bring them to the light. Listening to it with Maro DéLo’s beautiful sweet voice gives off the kind of vibes that make you feel something is calling you, smiling at you and saying everything will be ok. It is why we think the name of the song “Willing Hands” fits it perfectly.

Some things you don’t know about Maro DéLo

Besides being a singer with a beautiful voice, Maro DēLo is a handsome guitarist and a wonderful songwriter. He began writing songs when he was 16 as a way to  narrate his pain and emotions. Maro had a terrible elementary school experience. He was bullied because he showed kindness. He had no siblings and didn’t tell his parents so they wouldn’t worry about him. As a result, he kept it to himself. 

To escape, Maro mostly spent time in his home music studio focusing on playing, creating music, lyrics and learning various instruments such as guitar, drums, mandolin, bass, ukulele and lap steel guitar. Songwriting and composing became one of his greatest passions. It became even more of a passion when he realized it helped him gain confidence. As a result, performing and playing live on stage has become the place that he feels most at home.  

A Ray of Light

Though Maro suffered bullying in his childhood, he never let it stand between him and his success. He is confident and wants to give hope to others like him.. He has shown that nothing has nor will it ever bring him down. In fact, he is aiding others’ hearts through his music and giving them hope that they also can overcome their fears and obstacles. People like Maro are shining lights for people who were bullied in the past. He shared that his objective as an artist is to show that no one is alone when it comes to facing  hardships.      

Maro DēLo’s Work as an Artist

It is said that the more a person suffers the greater artist he becomes. Maro DēLo has proven it to be true. His hard work and determination began showing the results when he got millions of streams and loops on his songs at various music websites and social media platforms. Recently he got his first billboard displayed in Philadelphia.

Like any other artist, Maro has some great role models from which he continues to be inspired  great artists like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, The Killers, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, The Beatles, The Script, Prince, Coldplay, Queen, Crowded House, among many others.

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