Feel Patriotic, Hoist Your American Flags On A Flagpole made In USA

Sure, you might have your 100% American-made flags. However, do you have an all-American-made flagpole to hoist those flags on?  

If not, then you must!

To play your part and keep true to your duty towards your nation, you should buy a flagpole made in the USA for your home to raise your favorite flags. 

If you choose a reputable company like Atlantic Flag & Poles, you might be purchasing a great, durable, and lasting flagpole kit. Whenever you might look up at that American-made flag on your all-American flagpole, you’ll be glad to realize you’re helping to support employment based in the United States.

You also get a variety of options to choose from when looking for a flagpole made in the USA. Let us explore them together in this post.

Types of Flagpoles for your Home

You can find three kinds of aluminum, corrosion-resistant flagpoles. These come in three varieties: domestic, commercial, and telescopic. High-grade flagpoles are indeed suitable for most commercial and home applications. They outlast most sorts of regular metal flag posts. Commercial-grade flagpoles typically stand erect for years. And the telescopic flagpoles are the most reliable commercial-grade flagpoles you will get. 

Atlantic Flag & Poles now offer magnificent telescoping flagpoles, flags, and flagpole lightings that any flag fan would appreciate. They also provide all of the essential supplies with each telescopic kit.

However, before we get further into telescopic flagpoles, we must be aware of the alternative two varieties of flagpoles made in the USA.

Regular Residential Flagpoles

These types of commercial-grade flagpoles are segmented in design and vary in elevation between 6-35 ft. Nearly all of them are produced in other countries! Imported flagpoles do not come with a guarantee and do not have the same wind-resistant standards as American-made flagpoles.

Usually, Residential Flagpoles cannot endure gusts over 30 miles per hour when waving a flag, but they can withstand over 40 miles per hour minus the flag.

Commercial Flagpoles

You can find several manufacturers and companies based in the U.S. that produce or sell Commercial flagpoles.

These come in a variety of lengths and widths, and they can also endure harsh weather outdoors.

The only downside to using commercial-grade commercial flagpoles is that they are almost impossible to store as they remain fixed to the ground. And even when they aren’t fixed in one place, they are cumbersome to be handled by a single individual.

Telescoping Flagpoles

These are more convenient and versatile than most conventional sectionals, residential, or commercial sofas. When you do not need a heavy commercial flagpole and want something that suits your home, is easy to handle, and would last long, a telescopic flagpole might be your right fit.

These aluminum poles are light and collapsible, making their design convenient for easy setup and storage. It also has a mechanism that allows the flag to move around with the wind. It ensures lesser entanglement and lesser damage which makes it last longer than most other types of flagpoles.

Are you ready to get your All-American-Made Flags and Flagpoles?

We hope you have found what you are looking for among these mentioned options. When it comes to flagpoles, it does not get any better than these. If you need more help, visit Atlantic Flag & Poles to get answers to your flag-related queries.

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