Weekend Movie Recommendations: Christmas Edition

Alright, December is here and we are past Thanksgiving. That means I am officially willing to get into the holiday season and to embrace the Christmas of it all. Naturally, that means recommending a binge of Christmas movies. I won’t do that every week between now and then, but as we ease our way into the season, a little Christmas movie action to go with the eggnog and the tree decorating is a good thing. I’m just kidding about the eggnog. I’m not drinking that stuff.

I decided to go with HBO Max, because I figured they would have a large collection of Christmas movies. I was right. Of course, it includes A Christmas Story, which is hot trash and one of my least-favorite films ever. Do not watch that. You’re a human being, god dammit. Your life has value!

Why Miracle On 34th Street is the best Christmas movie ever | Metro News

Let’s begin things in a very family-friendly way with Miracle on 34th Street. The original from the ‘40s. The one that was, believe it or not, nominated for Best Picture and won three Oscars. That includes Edmund Gwenn winning for playing Kris Kringle. It was the first notable role for a very young Natalie Wood. Unless you are a Scrooge type, you will probably be moved at least a little bit by this one.

After that, move onto Elf, a real showcase for Will Ferrell. If the website I use to see what’s streaming where is accurate, it’s currently the most-popular movie on HBO Max. I can believe that. It’s a modern Christmas classic. Also, Ed Asner is in it, right? Pay homage to the recently-deceased legend by watching Elf.

The third movie was a little trickier. Christmas Vacation is mediocre. The Polar Express has nightmare visuals. Has anybody actually ever watched Four Christmases? Hey, how about Batman Returns? It’s a Christmas movie! You can’t deny that! Sure, it’s also a Batman movie. Well, it’s maybe more a Catwoman movie? However you slice it, while it’s quite different from my first two recommendations, variety is the spice of life. Besides, do you want it all to be sweetness and light? Sometimes you need a lady in leather with a whip to enter the proceedings.

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