Weekend Movie Recommendation: The ‘Psych’ Movies

PSYCH: THE MOVIE -- Pictured: (l-r) Dule Hill as Gus Guster, James Roday as Shawn Spencer -- (Photo by: Alan Zenuk/USA Network)

Recently, I happened to open the Peacock app. I didn’t have anything particular in mind. In the end, I probably would have just watched Columbo. Then, I saw that there was a new Psych movie on there, the third one made thus far since the show ended its run on USA. It had apparently come out that day, but I had heard nothing about it. I watched it, and now I have my weekend binge recommendation for you.

My recommendation? Watching all three Psych movies, of course. The third one, This is Gus, is the best one so far I believe. The jokes were a bit crisper and it ends with some sublime goofiness. I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed spending time with the characters once again.

Now, can you watch these Psych movies if you haven’t seen Psych? I think you can swing it, but you might be missing some of the details. Shawn Spencer is a fake psychic who worked as a consulting detective in Santa Barbara on the show. His best friend Gus was part of the business as well. They would work with two police officers primarily, the stern Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O’Hara, who becomes Shawn’s love interest. Also, Shawn’s dad is ornery. Oh, and Kurt Fuller eventually shows up as the coroner and he’s a lot of fun.

When the series’ run ended Juliet had moved to San Francisco for work and Shawn joins her and proposes. Gus then joins them as well. This is where the movies pick up, and then they basically tell their own interlocking story. Each film feeds the next, so you can’t just jump to, say, watching This is Gus, even if it’s the best one.

It’s a bit of a hammock situation, as the first and third movies are quite good, and the second movie, Lassie Come Home, is a little weaker. Unfortunately, the actor who plays Lassiter, Timothy Omundson, suffered a severe stroke before the first movie. He’s been in all three of them, but he has not fully recovered yet. It definitely conjures up complicated emotions watching him act as good ol’ Lassie.

Psych is silly. It’s a bit broad and loaded with pop culture references. I’m not really somebody who uses phrases like “comfort TV,” but that’s kind of what Psych is to me a think. If you want a breezy weekend of viewing, all three Psych movies on Peacock are a fun trilogy. Then, you could always check out the show on there if you wanted to as well.

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