Mu Diamonds: A Successful Music Artist With The Most Difficult Journey

Success comes to those who work for it with consistency and determination. Going by this quote, today one of the greatest stars of the music industry, Mu Diamonds has shown the world that you can achieve anything in the world by staying true to yourself and staying strong during your weakest moments. Mu Diamonds is a multi-faceted personality making waves in the music industry as a rapper, full-service music engineer, producer, content creator, and marketer. 

Andre Yarbrough aka Mu Diamonds achieved it all, even though his previous life has been a complete struggle. He hails from Buffalo, New York, and is also known as King Of Buffalo. From an early age, he has been exposed to violence and like any other teenager found peace in music. He has been rapping and been into music-related activities when he was only 14. However, the list of hardships he faced is long and it continued throughout. In addition to being into a vicious cycle of crimes, he also got paralyzed due to the shots during a drive-by shooting. The difficulties didn’t end here as he also suffered the pain of losing his loved ones who left his side during his lowest point in life. Yet, he came out stronger than ever, stronger than all the challenges that came in his way and today became one of the most considerable and renowned music rappers. 

He took his negative experience along and started building a career. Mu diamonds created a strong following within a decade with his utmost dedication and tireless efforts, taking the northeast by storm. Not only is Mu diamonds is a great music producer and rapper but he also has storytelling abilities through which he creates a strong connection with the audience. He has been a source of inspiration for the masses and knew that people look upon him as an example. He became a better version of himself not only for him but for his followers as well who are influenced by his personality, work, and attitude towards this harsh life. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mu diamonds exudes what a music executive is. He chooses to inspire the upcoming music artists and rappers and help them believe that success is attainable regardless of any hardship that might come in their path. He wants all the upcoming artists to put their dreams into perspective just like he did. 

As an artist, Mu diamonds have already proved himself as talented and one of the most brilliant artists in the music industry with his videos and albums. After his rise to the throne in the northeast, he has also produced his label under the name Dynasty Entertainment which he uses as a sanctuary where artists coming from different walks of life can find refuge and build their careers under his leadership and influence. “I want my music to inspire others that they can reach their dreams and not worry about labels.” His words reflect the thoughtful approach behind his songs and show how desperately he wants others to achieve success like him. 

By now, Mu Diamond has released his first video, “Engaged 2 Da Money” on Youtube.

Currently, he is working on another video for a single from his album entitled, “H.I.T.B”. Along with this, he is also engaged in working on a movie named, “Burgundy Nightmares” which is being shot and edited by his younger brother and video director  @Lafrangraphics

Mu diamonds has also launched his new album available on all music platforms. Check it out on Apple Music. The album is called, “Moments and Memories,” because according to Mu, once you enjoy the moment and it’s gone, all you have is its memory. The album is beautifully produced and its cover is designed with the most memorable pictures of the rapper with his loved ones who either passed away or are close to his heart. 

Although life has been unfair for him, he never gave up and worked to make his dreams a reality and today he is living his dreams. Being a label CEO, Engineer, Musician and paralyzed, all at once is a very difficult task but he has no complaints about anything rather he looks forward to discovering new talents and developing new sounds to expand his company. My diamonds are all set to sign up new talents in music including RnB, HipHop, and Pop Rock. 

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