How to make online casinos more social

Is there anything more enjoyable than sharing your favorite games with mates? When you find a game that you enjoy, the first thing that you want to do is share it with your friends.

It could be that you’ve just found an incredible new indie game, and it’s currently free on Steam. It might be that your favorite slots are now having a promotion, and you get more bang for your buck. Or, it could just be that you snagged a few BETA keys and want to share.

Whatever it is in the gaming world that gets you excited, it’s always fun to share it with friends.

However, it is often thought that casino games aren’t very social, and it’s something that you play by yourself.

Of course, when you set up your laptop or open your mobile phone up, you might be alone at the time. But it doesn’t mean that you are casino gaming time needs to be lonely.

After all, with millions of players worldwide, the very last thing that casino gaming is, is a lonely pursuit. So here are a few things that you can do to increase the social aspect of your casino playing time.

Live casinos

One of the most exciting things about online casinos right now is meeting and connecting with a massive range of players.

If you choose to have poker as one of your games, you can also enjoy live dealers. It adds a new element to the game, where you can communicate and play with people.

Put faces to the players and is one of the best ways to make your casino time more social.

When it comes to playing at a live casino, something always worth remembering is that you can do it from wherever you are. You can use your mobile phone or laptop, hook yourself up to a live game and enjoy meeting other like-minded players.

Play with friends

There are a few ways that you can play your casino games with your friends. You can gather many players, and go out to each other’s houses, sit on the same internet connection and play in different rooms—a good old-fashioned LAN party-style gathering

Or you can all make sure that you are all at the same online casino and open up a video chat.

If you want to play with friends and you are in different locations, you’re going to have to make a little bit of trial and error to find a casino that you all enjoy playing at. 

There is also the option of signing up for a completely new one together and experiencing it all for the first time. The bonus of doing it this way is to cash in on all of those new account promotions.


Something that you’re probably working up to is playing casino tournaments. Many operators will have a massive range of different tournaments spanning across all of the various game options.

Poker, blackjack, and other card games are some of the most popular tournaments that you’ll come across.

These competitions are so fascinating because they have a huge player base, filled with players of all different skill levels.

When you enter the tournaments, you’ll be playing with thousands of different players. Tournaments usually last a few days, and occasionally, you can win a seat at a land-based casino during the tournament.

Casino tournaments give you the perfect opportunity to play with highly skilled people who enjoy the same games that you do.

And keep in mind that often when it comes to tournaments, there can be substantial real-world prizes too, like holidays, concert tickets, cruises, and so much more.

Chat rooms

Depending on the kind of casino game you are playing, you might have access to chat rooms. If you do, make sure every time you enter the room, you say hi to everybody.

Over time you will become a familiar face and will find plenty of people who want to chat.

Of course, it is always worth remembering that some people in the casino aren’t there to make friends, and others prefer to be rude, and these are called trolls – simply don’t engage.

Often, the chat attached to casino games does have a moderator, and moderators are more than happy to keep the conversation flowing.

Social media

Almost everything in the world will have a fan base, and casinos are no different. It is possible to find a range of people online who share the same passions as you do. You might find them on a Twitter chat, or there might be special Facebook groups for people who enjoy playing.

You can exchange tips, pick up information about great bonuses and promotions, and generally be surrounded by people who find entertainment the same way you do.

In the age of the Internet, and with so much technology that can help us to connect to people around us, your casino playing time doesn’t need to be a solo affair unless you choose for it to be.

There are plenty of people online who can’t wait to share tips and talk to people at different stages of learning and skill within their favorite casino games.

After a while, you might even find that you want to join your new friends to play virtually via video call. You can choose how you play and who you play with when making the most of your casino time. 

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