How to List on Delaware Flat Fee MLS

More than 80% of buyers use a buyer agent. The buyer agent is tasked with finding, vetting, and presenting the homes that best suit their clients’ needs. Regardless of whether you sell through a listing agent or by FSBO, you want to attract buyers. The only way to do that is through their agent. While buyers may search Zillow and Trulia, buyer agents don’t. Instead, they use an MLS to search for properties to present to their buyers. But to get a home on MLS Listings Delaware sellers have to use a flat fee MLS listing service.

List With The Best Flat Fee MLS

Now that you know you need a flat fee MLS, Delaware FSBO sellers should be researching their available options. Since your home is most likely your most significant investment, you want a flat fee MLS listing service that will assist in getting market value for your home while reducing days on the market. To understand which flat fee MLS is the best flat fee MLS Delaware sellers can use, we look at the most commonly used options.


Houzeo has recently started dominating the market. Their digital-first features make an FSBO sale more accessible to homeowners while accelerating the process. Many homeowners who choose to sell with Houzeo complete a lucrative sale with minimal effort. Houzeo’s most popular pricing tier is $399 and includes:

  • The maximum number of images allowed by the MLS
  • 6 Months Listing
  • State and Federal Disclosures
  • Syndication to your local MLS
  • Control over buyer agent commission
  • No hidden costs at closing

Compared to other flat fee MLSs, Houzeo is by far one of the best flat fee MLS Delaware sellers have available to them.

Simple Choice Realty

Simple Choice Realty has been in operation for years, with its primary market being Pennsylvania. However, it now offers some services in Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. Since it’s not focused on the Delaware market, Simple Choice Realty does have a disadvantage as many buyers prefer to use other options with better market penetration. However, it does have one strong suit: it syndicates to MLSs in all Delaware counties. At a price similar to Houzeo, you don’t get much assistance to negotiate or close the deal. Essentially, after syndication, all you receive from Simple Choice Realty are the details of interested buyers forwarded to you. If you don’t mind the hassle, this could be a good choice.

Similar to Simple Choice Realty, has been a staple for many sellers for years, being one of the first websites to offer assistance to FSBO sellers. Unfortunately, not much has changed on the website since. While it is reputable and you know your home will be listed on the MLS as you expect, after listing, you can’t do much to track your listing or interested buyers or get assistance with closing and negotiation. Instead, you’ll need to pay extra for many of the features included in a service like Houzeo. However, at $399, you get:

  • Syndication to all Delaware MLSs
  • No hidden costs at closing
  • 20 Images
  • 6 Month Listing

Once you’ve found the best flat fee Delaware buyers can access, you’re well on your way to selling your home. Since all of these options list in Kent, Sussex, and New Castle counties, the choice boils down to how much effort you want to put into selling your home and how much control you want over the process.

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