Get to know Artist Radmila Lolly

1.  Hi Radmila!  Let’s start our interview with a basic quiz. How did you begin your music career? 

I’ve had a colorful and stimulating upbringing. My mother inspired me to sing and compose music. She certainly shaped my future from an early age and made me believe that I can accomplish anything as long as I work hard at it.     

2.  What do you like most about music and singing? 

As humans we live a lot of time in the future or past, not in the present. When I sing, I feel like time stops, and that I’m in a completely present state of mind. 

3.  Would you like to tell our audience what skills are acquired to become a good singer? 

I truly believe we all have nice voices, it’s about how much time we put into practice, and what kind of lifestyle we choose. For example, if the person doesn’t get enough sleep and drinks a lot of alcohol, the voice will never achieve it’s full potential.   

4.  We have seen some blasting live performances of yours. Which one was your favorite? 

It’s hard to judge, because as a performer I always focus on what did not go right in the production. It’s my job to eliminate flaws, as I’m the  producer of my shows.. I guess as I grew in my career, I got more satisfied with the productions.  Experience is a key in every career.  

5.  Besides music, we have seen you designing, styling, and even writing. How do you manage all that?   

I love what I do, and all the artistic mediums that I am involved in. In some way they all intertwine, and become one project.  

6.  Being a versatile person having multiple projects, how do you spend time during the weekends? Do you get enough time for yourself? 

Honestly, I don’t take time off, if I ever do, I feel guilty, the whole time I think about what I could have been doing.  I am working on myself, so lately when I do take time off, I don’t feel guilty anymore. I do believe rest is very important.

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7.  Who or what motivates Radmila the most? 

My family is my main motivation; they believe in me, which keeps me going daily. They are always so supportive and always there for me.

8.  Any upcoming project you wanna share with us? 

My upcoming album is a self-composed 27-movement programmatic work, which corresponds to the novel that I’m also writing; both by the name “DIVA”. This project has been in the works since I first started the novel seven years ago. Since I began the book, I had always wanted an album to go along with it, but at the time I did not compose at all; I had always assumed someone else would be composing it. Since then, my musical journey has brought me to composing, and now I can tell the story of her novel in yet another artistic medium. There will also be a corresponding audiobook, and of course a couture line to accompany the album and the novel. The story will also be represented in a short film, also named “DIVA”. 

9. What do you wanna achieve next in life? 

Win movie awards in various categories, for the short film “DIVA”.  

10. Can you share what Radmila is like on social media? 

Check out my Instagram @Radmilalolly.

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