“The Blood Is the Life, Mr. Renfield”: Nicolas Cage Becomes the Next Dracula in Upcoming Film “Renfield”

How did I not see this one coming?

After essaying the role of a vampire in the 1988 cult classic Vampire’s Kiss and having a surreal real-life moment where his own immortality was called into question when an 1870 photograph popped up featuring a gentleman who looked remarkably similar to the Oscar-winning actor, Nicolas Cage will finally head off into the Carpathian Mountains to don the cloak of Bram Stoker’s classic undead villain Count Dracula in Universal’s upcoming horror film Renfield, according to our Brides of Dracula fanatics at the castle known as The Hollywood Reporter.

 Set to feature Cage (Pig, Leaving Las Vegas, Peggy Sue Got Married) and Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, The Great) in the titular role of doomed barrister R.M. Renfield, this upcoming Universal monster flick looks to be one for the ages. Directed by Chris McKay of The Tomorrow War and The Lego Batman Movie fame, the plot details are being kept tighter than Bela Lugosi’s eyes during a sun-spa day. What little we do know is that the film is being touted as a more modern-day adventure story with some hints of comedy thrown in for good measure.

 The character of Renfield first slithered onto bookshelves worldwide back in 1897 courtesy of Mr. Bram Stoker’s classic story Dracula. In the book proper, R.M. Renfield wound up in an insane asylum after serving as the right-hand man of the nefarious Count. The fly-loving connoisseur continued to serve as a loyal yet tortured acolyte of the undead until his own life was mercilessly snuffed out. For any Trivial Pursuit buffs out there, you’ll do none better than to check out legendary character actor Dwight Frye’s take on the role in Tod Browning’s 1931 opus Dracula. Frye set the gold standard for any subsequent Johnny-Come-Latelies who dared to take on the part of Renfield; you have been duly put on notice, Mr. Hoult.

 For Cage, signing on to this big budget film from Universal marks a return of sorts for an actor who, in recent years, has brilliantly been plying his craft in smaller independent fare (check out his work in this year’s masterpiece Pig: It’s an Oscar worthy performance).

 McKay and Walking Dead phenom Robert Kirkman are both producing Renfield, with the latter devising the original story outline for the film which was fleshed out by scribe Ryan Ridley (Ghosted).

 No word on a production start date for Renfield, but you’d best bet your Christopher Lee Hammer collection that we’ll have updates a-plenty in the weeks and months to come!

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