Hi Sam, thanks for sitting down with us today. Let’s start off by taking it back, when can you remember your love of music starting?

The most clear memory I have of when my love of music started, was when my parents and I would listen to the Brooks and Dunn Greatest Hits album while we were driving in the car. I remember Ronnie Dunn singing in his falsetto in the song ‘My Maria’ and my little voice could do that part perfectly. Each of my siblings had their own favorite song on that album and we loved singing them together.

Was there a moment where you realized for sure that you wanted to give a music career a try?

I can’t say that there was one true moment when I knew I wanted a career in music, but there were many times when opportunities kept coming to me. I started out singing hymns in a church, and I would sing one hymn on a Sunday, and before I knew it I was asked to sing another and another and pretty soon I was singing entire services as a worldly 12 year old. People kept encouraging me and I kept receiving bigger and bigger parts in school plays and community theater so when it came time for college and I got singing scholarships and acceptance into every program I applied to, I figured it was probably time to start dedicating all I have into music.

Do you have any themes or motifs that show up over and over again in your songwriting?

Haha, it’s funny because a lot of my original songs come back to women being given a chance in this industry. And then I remember I need to be more relatable ! Any song that has to do with burning the world down, calling myself a firecracker, etc. is typically what finds me in music. I am very motivated lighting a fire in people when they hear my music.

What’s the scariest part of releasing music for you?

The scariest part of releasing music, for me, is staying “on brand”. The first question people typically ask me is what my style is or who I sound like. I feel a connection to all types of music, all types of writers, and all types of songs. I will pick an amazing song and cut it and get ready for release and have an internal panic as to whether it’s “on brand” enough. I am going for a female, badass, country/rock and I will be pitched a song that I KNOW I could knock out of the park, and then stress out if it puts out the vibe I need from it.

What are some challenges you’ve faced so far as you enter the music industry? How did you overcome them?

As I mentioned a bit before, I feel that I am constantly plagued with the curse of being a woman in this industry. There are shows my male performers book purely by word of mouth. For me to get booked I have to provide pictures, videos, recordings, social media, three references, the blood of my mortal enemy, and five years experience playing at another bar in town. The only way I have overcome these things are by being the hardest working person in the room. I take voice lessons, pay my band well, post shows/venues on my social media, and always be the “yes” girl. Most of the opportunities I have received are because a fill-in was needed at the last minute, and I did so well that I was brought on for bigger and better opportunities.

Tell us about your upcoming music!

In 2022 I have a new single coming out by a songwriter who has written for FGL, Kelsea Ballerini, and so many other big names. It’s a total vocal WORKOUT. I can’t give too many details just yet but I am SO psyched to be releasing a song by someone who already has such a great reputation with big artists!

Thanks for chatting today Sam! Where can we follow you online?

It was great gabbing with y’all today! Find me on Instagram @Samrifeofficial and anywhere you buy, or stream music as Sam Rife. For booking and other inquiries, find me at [email protected]

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