Improve Your Marketing Strategy With A QR Code For GPS Location

Suppose you’re promoting your website through print media. You’re using flyers and have a link to your website on each one.

You’ve distributed these flyers in five separate cities. You want to know how many users visited your website and where they came from a week later.

The question is, how will you do it? Continue reading to learn how.

How to get your audience’s GPS location?

A QR code can assist you in identifying your audience’s location. That’s right. QR Codes, commonly known as 2D barcodes, hold alphanumeric data. You’ve probably seen them utilized for marketing and payments. They are also utilized for inventory tracking, education, and security.

You can even track your audience’s GPS location. We call it GPS scan tracking. Why would I utilize a QR code maker to complete the job? The main causes are:

●     QR Codes are helpful.

A QR Code encourages your customers to take action. How?

Perhaps you’re launching a print marketing campaign to increase visitors to your website. So you’re handing out flyers with a link to your website and a call to action— Follow the link here to go to our website.

Your audience will have to pull out their smartphones, open a browser, type the full link, and then visit your site.

This is a time-consuming and tedious process. Not many people put in the necessary work here.

As a result, employing a QR Code helps them take the necessary steps. To view the encoded content, they merely scan QR Code (such as a website link). Nothing needs to be typed manually. It’s as simple as clicking on a photo. As a result, the possibility of people taking action increases. You may design your QR Code to operate as a point of engagement, increasing visitors’ chances to scan it.

  • QR Codes are trackable

A QR Code can track a lot of details in addition to the actual GPS location of each scan. As an outline:

a. How many individuals scanned it?

b. When was it scanned?

c. What handsets were used?

d. Which end users utilized browsers?

You may learn a lot about your customers by using their information. You can use a Dynamic QR code to change the content of your QR Code after you’ve made it. Your QR Code, on the other hand, stays consistent.

Why is GPS Location scan tracking important?

Users’ GPS location data might have a significant impact on your marketing strategy. Consider the example mentioned above of increasing website traffic through print media advertisements.

Suppose you discover that one place in the city receives a greater amount of visitors than the others. You’ll then know where your target audience is.

Using this information, you may direct your marketing spend for future campaigns.

How does QR code GPS tracking work?

Here’s how it works:

  • You add QR codes to print media and distribute them to your target audience.
  • Then they scan the QR code with their phone’s camera or QR code scanning app.
  • A pop-up asks for their GPS position.
  • Then they see the target content.

Yes. Their GPS location will be recorded and accessible at any time. However, location data will only be recorded if end-users allow it. How to set up scan tracking via GPS location? Create a QR Code. To do so, you’ll need a QR Code maker with GPS scan tracking.

It takes a long time to find a QR Code generator that has this feature. Do you know which one to choose? Will you open them all to see which one best suits your needs?

So don’t be worried. You don’t have to spend this much time and effort to accomplish this. We made it easier for you to find the best and free QR code generator as PageLoot is one of the finest and top QR Code generators. You can browse through it to create a QR code for your application.

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