How to Get Positive Feedback in 2021: The Basics of Reputation Management

When an interested buyer sees any negative feedback about your company, then the chance that he will turn to you is reduced by 20%. Half of a firm’s market value depends more on positive reviews and your brand reputation.

In this article, we’ll show you how to learn how to build trust in your company’s image and manage your reputation.

How to improve your reputation

Improving your reputation depends on many aspects of working on various Internet platforms.

What affects your company’s reputation:

– negative comments on social networks;

– criticism towards the company’s products and services;

– negative feedback about staff members;

– shocking news about the leadership of the organization;

 – absence of comments on negative reviews.

What you need to do to track reputation issues:

– On a daily basis, it is worth analyzing reviews on the website, social networks, and comments under the publications.

– Assist clients who leave negative comments. It is necessary either to explain the situation that happened and give arguments in your defense, as well as to convince the client by any means that such a situation will not happen in the future and give a discount.

– In every possible way to encourage customers to leave reviews, make mailings, provide bonuses and gifts.

– It is necessary to write positive reviews to hide negative ones.

– Carry out work with employees and teach them to work with clients and their objections.

To control the issue of creating a positive reputation, each company must have a marketing specialist, SMM manager, and SEO specialist. If you have a small company, then it is not necessary to create a staff of employees who will track the life of your company in the media space. For this, you can hire freelancers to save on costs.

It should be borne in mind that such work should be carried out regularly since if you miss even one negative moment, it will call into question all your work.

Today, there is enormous competition in every field of activity. It will be difficult for you to compete with companies that have an impeccable reputation. For example, if a person wants to rent a sports car in Dubai and sees that some previous clients were left under a bad impression of the company’s service, then it will not be difficult for a potential client to find a similar company that has no bad reviews.

How to make an analysis of your company’s image

Before you start working on your reputation, you need to conduct a full check of the status in all sources. You need to analyze what comments were written about your company. If there is none, then find out why. In addition to researching your sources, you need to do an investigation about your competitors.

To begin with, you can enter a query about your company into a search engine and take the time to browse the sites located on the first few pages. Pay attention to:

1) By what request do customers find your company?

2) What posts are being written about you on various forums?

3) What attitude was formed about the company as a whole?

4) What prompts are shown by search engines?

5) What prompts would you like to see?

How to respond to negative reviews

The first thing to understand is that you should always respond to negative reviews and comments. If you don’t, you won’t attract new customers.

A dissatisfied customer doesn’t just leave one negative review. If a person is outraged, and the company does not help him to solve the problem, then he will tell about his negative experience of working with your company on all social networks.

What to do to improve clients’ experience 

  • First, figure out what caused the dissatisfaction. Then, within your capabilities, fix the problem and provide a discount for the purchase of the next product or service.
  • Try to resolve the conflict situation as soon as possible.
  • Never argue with a client or be rude to him.
  • If you are sure that competitors are leaving negative reviews, then they can be excluded from the search results.


A company’s sales and profits depend a lot on the reputation and image of the company. If conflict situations occur, then they need to be resolved as quickly as possible and it is possible that you will not lose your loyal customers.

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