A Sequel for Perennial Christmas Classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”: An Original Cast Member Thinks It Should Happen

With Christmas nearly upon us, it’s time to break out our copies of Frank Capra’s classic post-World War II film It’s a Wonderful Life and remind ourselves of all of the things that we really ought to be thankful for such as family, friends and (maybe, just maybe) a guardian angel who goes by the moniker of “Clarence.”

The film, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year (with no special edition super-packed Blu-ray to show for it; hey, who’s asleep at the Special Editions Wheel?!?) has been turning heads and melting hearts since it first hit the silver screen once upon a time. The story about a down-on-his-luck family man who contemplates ending his life on Christmas Eve until an angel itching to earn his wings gives him a sobering glimpse of what life would be like if he was never born has become an annual watching tradition for most of us. Heck, ye olde scribbler of pop culture news at one time seriously contemplated writing a book about the film, so in love with this Jimmy Stewart/Donna Reed cocktail am I. The film has transcended being a mere spool of celluloid and has passed into nigh mythical territory usually only reserved for religious deities. Given my strong feelings for this gem, you’d think that the mere suggestion of an actual sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life might dissolve me into fits of drooling apoplexy. Surprisingly…no, especially with the news from our buddies over at yahoo! news that the concept of such a bird has received an endorsement from an unlikely source.

The one and only Karolyn Grimes, one of the few surviving members of the It’s a Wonderful Life cast and who memorably essayed the role of Stewart’s adorable sprite of a daughter Zuzu Bailey (“Zuzu’s petals!”), has officially gone on record as stating that she would love to see a sequel to the landmark film.

 “I think a sequel might be kind of fun,” Grimes, now 81, told the Daily News in an interview, imagining a story scenario where good old “moss-back” George Bailey’s grown children continues his love and care of the little burg known as Bedford Falls.

 “It’s the rest of the story,” the legendary Grimes asserts of a potential follow-up. “The kids would grow up and they’d have lives that are different. I think there’s a story there.”

It’s a Wonderful Life briefly flirted with a possible sequel back in 2013 with Grimes’ character serving as a sort of lynchpin, connecting the original to the new. That concept sadly went the way of my teenage hairline, but interest is still squarely there for the onetime Zuzu, even though she frets she might be too old for a sequel now.

 Don’t fret, Ms. Grimes, I don’t feel you’re too old for a sequel to our beloved It’s a Wonderful Life; it could work with a deft enough writing and directing team who had a real sensibility for the source material (Hint: I’m absolutely available for a scriptment of the concept; just saying.).

 While we wait for a sequel to a film that may or may not happen, let’s all raise a glass in toast of It’s a Wonderful Life on this, its 75th anniversary year: the most beloved movie in towns across the globe; “Hee-haw and Merry Christmas!”

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