Wisdom tooth extraction do’s and don’ts

Wisdom tooth extraction surgery might sound so scary, but it is not so scary if you are taking care of the do’s and don’ts. For better recovery, you have to make sure that you do your research initially. If you have scheduled tooth extraction surgery with your doctor, you must get all the relevant instructions.

If you are going to get into surgery and it involves anesthesia, you must stop eating and drinking before 8 hours. It is also advised that you do not smoke for 8 hours before your tooth extraction surgery. Make sure you brush your teeth before your appointment to ensure that your teeth do not have a lot of bacteria and food accumulated in the gaps. When the surgery is happening, and there are food particles, it can cause infection and give birth to bacteria.

Tips to know before tooth extraction

Some of the other things to consider are also mentioned below.


Pain is pretty common when you are going through tooth extraction surgery. Even if there is anesthesia used, you will still feel a little discomfort. However, after the tooth extraction, you can take 400 to 600 mg of Ibuprofen that will help you relieve the pain. It can be taken up to 6 hours after the surgery, and it is an inflammatory drug that will relax you and make you feel a lot better. Try not to eat solid food and only eat liquid or soft food that is not only simple to digest but with a swollen mouth; liquid food is the best option to try.


When you are using gauze pads, you must make sure that you are replacing them frequently. Mostly heavy bleeding stops after up 24 hours of surgery. But in the meantime, you have to make sure you are changing the gauze pad after every 20 minutes that there is no growth of bacteria and your wound heals quickly and easily.

Rinsing mouth

It is also not recommended to rinse the mouth soon after the injury. Wait for a few hours at least to slowly rinse your mouth. If you are doing so vigorously, you will end up having a blooded mouth from the wound. Make sure you are rinsing your mouth with a glass of warm water combined with salt to ease up the wound and to help with swelling.


Swelling is the major reason for discomfort that you will come across after wisdom teeth removal St George Uta. However, after the third and fourth days, the swelling will also be reduced. You can try using an ice pack on your cheek to help with the swelling.

Moreover, it is better that you do not sleep on the swollen side of your mouth because it will create a lot more discomfort and you might experience bleeding.

These are a few tips that you must think about before you get into the surgery. And if you feel greater discomfort, you must make sure you contact the emergency dentistry service for quick help.

You can also get in touch with Vaughan family dentists to help you with quick recovery and with dental-related inquiries.

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