The Rare Beatles-inspired NFT Fab Four Gear Collection

Inspired by the Beatles, Fab Four Gear is the first of their kind NFT Collectibles to knock at the Digital Music door and open up into the multiverse of pop.

‘Non-Fungibility’ and ‘Ownership’ are the two main traits that make Non-Fungible Tokens so valuable. Leveraging blockchain technology NFTs provide absolute ownership to their owners.  Non-Fungibility assures the rarity of digital art so that the uniqueness remains and this consequently adds to the value.

Cryptocurrencies have value in their use-case and NFTs find their worth in rarity and uniqueness. Talking about Uniqueness and Rarity, Fab Four Gear is the only collection of its kind having access to extremely rare musical instruments (over 100 guitars, bass guitars, amps, and drum kits) like the ones the Beatles used from their early years to their breakup. It’s the only Beatles-inspired collaborative project of its kind in the NFT space. These rare instruments were collected over many years and then through photogrammetry, they are being turned into 3D digital assets stored on the blockchain. Fab Four Gear amasses the whole Beatles collection into one place providing such a magnitude of fortune to the HODLERs.

Fab Four Gear’s first NFT release totals 4444 NFTs called the Genesis VIP Pass which was designed by the whole team. A pre-sale was held for two days at a low price prior to the commencement of the current general public sale. Buyers of the first 10% (444) of these Genesis VIP Passes (Diamond Hand holders) will enjoy exclusive benefits including the following:

The buyers will be added to the alpha Discord channel

The buyers will be able to mint 44 minutes prior to the next drop at a low pre-sale price

First access to Gallery Opening and Events

Yearly Raffle along with Genesis VIP Pass holders

Long-term Backstage Pass with many more benefits being continuously added 

The Fab Four ecosystem is so vast that it covers many genres under the umbrella of NFTs ranging from traditional & digital art, photography, music, and poetry to the artverse of DJs and multiverse of WAGMI (We All Gonna Make It). The project spans its reach with the collaborative environment, strengthening through the community to seek the artistic talents from every nook. Their upcoming collaboration with the famous artist RareScrilla is expected to spark the hype with the RareScrilla NFT drop coming very soon.

Fab Four Gear will redefine how people see NFTs through their very promising NFTs, Artverse of DJs, and Multiverse of WAGMI. Fab Four Gear has insane potential where those who love art become the HODLERS and those who seek profits, earn a fortune.

Minting will take place through Fab Four Gear’s website. Stay up-to-date by joining their Discord and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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