Netflix Pulls Out Its Legendary Checkbook and Orders Five New U.K. Series

In 2021, it sometimes feels all but impossible to peel back the veils of Time and Space to an era where streaming behemoth Netflix was a DVD and game rental outfit. Heck, this yellow journalist can recall haunting my mail box in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for that tantalizing red, black and white envelope which contained whatever particular movie was on my radar at that time (no doubt it was a Corey Haim cheese-fest or something horror related) and which I had ordered via the comforts of my home. That’s pretty much all changed now, and the company that Reed Hastings co-built has since segued into one-stop shopping for original Netflix series, films and assorted bric-a-brac. The extent of the growth of that company is certainly hammed in when you stumble upon a news item – like ye olde scribbler of pop did this very morning – that the former physical disc rental company has opened their deep pocketbooks to acquire no less than five new U.K. series, according to our always on point muchacho’s over at The Hollywood Reporter.

 The five original U.K. series that Netflix has officially put on their dockets includes the likes of a science fiction ongoing, a show from Abi Morgan of The Iron Lady fame, an adaptation of David Nicholls’ One Day and two series from the producers of the feel-good lark Chernobyl.

In a Tuesday morning press release, Netflix Vice President of U.K. series Anne Mensah said that “Netflix U.K. is building on success – it’s hard to top the virtuosity and global impact of our existing, award-winning British series – from The Crown, Sex Education and After Life to Top Boy and Fate.”

“Add to this an incredible roster of new shows for our members to view in 2022, from the searing Anatomy of a Scandal to Rowan Atkinson’s joyous Man vs Bee, all the way to Joe Cornish’s outstanding Lockwood & Co – and more. We have a huge number of shows which have all shot this year under uniquely difficult circumstances but never lost their bold brilliance. To be able to add such a variety of new titles to our slate, knowing there is more to come, is really a testament to the strength and artistic confidence of the British television industry.”

The five new U.K. series are:

Supacell is a play on the ever-popular superhero genre, featuring a group of South London denizens who suddenly develop powers beyond that of mortal men. The one and seemingly only connection happens to be that they’re all African American.

One Day is based off of the bestselling book by author David Nicholls. If it sounds familiar outside of the realm of literature prior to today’s announcement, it’s because the source material has already been turned into a 2011 feature film starring Anne Hathaway. The plot revolves around Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, two former University friends who, on the same day every year, come together to ruminate on the changes they’ve undergone over the last twelve months.

Eric is a thriller from mastermind Abi Morgan and centers around a father who finds solace in the search for his missing son by striking up a friendship with the lad’s imaginary monster which, in best imaginary monster style, lives under a bed. Things get dark for the father as his search takes him down some very unexpected corners.

Kaos is about six humans on good ol’ Terra Firma who discover that they’re component parts of a very old prophecy – Don’t you hate it when that happens? One thing leads to another and faster than you can say “Clash of the Titans”, the six chosen ones realize they alone may be able to stop a very hostile group of gods.

The Fuck It Bucket closes out the five new shows and this one is about a seventeen year old girl who, recently out of the hospital after a bout with anorexia, finds herself thrown back into the world of sixth form where all of her friends have seemingly moved on without her. Her childhood quickly receding in the rearview mirror, what’s a teen to do but make a bucket list of things to experience and accomplish before pesky adulthood comes knocking?

 A very diverse and eclectic list of new series to check out for all of us, thanks to the devices of Netflix! Expect all five shows to begin production throughout the U.K. in 2022 with release dates still to be announced.

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