Hulu Fan-Favorite Series “Pen15” Set to Conclude With Season 2

As someone who chronicles the day-in and day-out world of pop culture, it’s never fun when my trusty Underwood typewriter lands on a story about a well-crafted and thoughtful series that’s headed the way of All-Flash or the Electric Slide. Sometimes those endings are carefully orchestrated, with literally years of effort from various and sundry cast, crew and creatives coming together to properly see off a fictional world and its characters (Lost, M*A*S*H, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Sopranos all come to mind when it comes to finales that have stuck their respective landings). Such a bird landed on my ink-stained hands this very morning, and the appearance of it made my morning cup of coffee go down just a wee bit harder than it usually does.

According to our “every ending is a new beginning” pals over at The Hollywood Reporter, the fan-favorite series (and Emmy-nominated) Pen15 is ending with the conclusion of its second season, with the final slate of no-doubt tear-inducing episodes set to drop on Hulu this December 3.

 If you’ve missed Pen15 thus far, then you’ve missed out, brothers and sisters: The series takes a comedic yet unflinching glance at the trials and travails of two seventh graders in the year 2000 (and doesn’t that quaint number now seem like forever and a day ago, Dear and Constant Reader). Think of it as a potent cocktail that mixes one-part The Wonder Years with My So-Called Life with the fun twist of the proceedings being that the two seventh grade protagonists are played by older actors in the form of comedians Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle. It’s a delightful twist that really shouldn’t work, but it does perhaps because the awkwardness of two grown women playing young teen versions of themselves is slightly reflective of just how damn clunky and out-of-body the entire adolescence experience is.

 The ending of Pen15 was one reportedly made by both Konkle and Erskine who, after nearly ten years of crafting and massaging the project, were ready to take time away from the series. This reason, if it is a valid one, may just be good news to Pen15 fans as those pesky anonymous sources also cite that Hulu very much wants to do more episodes of the series and, to that end, are leaving the door slightly ajar for just such a possibility.

 Vents will hold on to the hope that we may just see more awkward grooviness which is Pen15 in the future – Never give up hope, True Believers!

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