Elysia, welcome to VENTS! Can you tell us a little about your latest single, Cherry Moon? 

Hey VENTS, thank you so much for having me! Cherry Moon is a sensual, jazzy ballad full of flavour. It is my very first single available on all platforms and it was produced by my very dear and talented friend annie bui aka Pastels. The track features Southside Denny, who is infact my significant other. 

Is there a story behind the single? 

Well if you love summer romance and budding love then this song is literally it, this song has an interesting journey actually, I wrote the lyrics exactly a year before the song was released into the world. Denzel (Southside Denny), my best friend (michaela AKA notoriously dope – thats relevant later) and I were listening to Frank Ocean on a summer night at the beach, it was moonlit and I developed a little crush on Denzel as me and him sang out every adlib and lyric of the whole Blonde album, poor Michaela just sat their like “what is going on”. She told me in the car we cant hang out as 3 of us again because now shes third wheeling and I said the classic “we are just friends” line everyone always pulls out. The next day I was in the studio with Annie, and the lyrics just flowed out of my head. Cherry Moon refers to Princes Under the Cherry Moon, and it was just on my mind, also Annies piano is red, so the words were just inspired  by the recent things around me in those two days. I got Denzel on the track only because Annie said it would be interesting to hear his side of the story. He ended up writing to it a few weeks later early on in our relationship. The song has grown with us and is kind of our summer baby. Notoriously dope (as mentioned earlier) directed the video, I saw a vision of a bath filled with Cherries and me with a phone referring to an iconic Prince scene. It was quite special having people who were apart of the story working on the production and visuals. It was really something magical.

How do you want people to feel when they hear it? 

I want people to feel sexy, to have butterflys in their stomach, I want the song to resonate with a summer sunset at the beach. Its an expression of a possible forever love. “My eyes have seen the Cherry Moon” literaly means “I see you, and I want to explore your magic”. 

Which artist has had the biggest influence on your sound? 

There are a few, old and obscure and new, but I would have to pin it down to Daniel Caesar. I saw him live when I was shy of 19, and the way the crowd was silent and drawn to his mellow and relaxed approach reassured me that people still want calm, soothing, soulful music. 

What came first, the melody or the lyrics?

Annies keys were the first thing, she was just playing some chords, and I said “I got it” took out my phone and just wrote how I felt. 

Aside from music, what else motivates you to write? 

My daily life always has something going on, I believe God will always give me something to write about. Honesty, relief and expressionism are the reasons I write. I am motivated to help my Mum have the life she deserves and to build a safe environment for my future offspring. When I am stuck I surround myself with nature, a good book, an obscure movie or a dream inspire the writing. I am quite a sensitive person so I am always feeling a way about something whether positive or negative. A blessing and a curse haha. 

What is next for Elysia? 

A lot more music. Maybe a movie, maybe a soundtrack? But in the near future just a lot whats been sitting in my head and laptop. I would love to move to LA or somewhere in Europe to connect with other artists.  

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