10 Best Fishing Reels in 2021

Are you thinking about buying a fishing reel? Finding the most suitable fishing reel isn’t very easy. But I am going to provide you with some information in this regard, which may make your work a little bit easier. 

There is a large variety of fishing rods and reels available in the market. Different fishing reel types have different mechanisms, features and provide different services. You should pick yours based on what kind of fishing you are into.

10 Best Fishing Reels in 2021

 Every angler should do some research before buying a fishing reel. To help you here I am listing down the 10 best fishing reels of this year, along with their operation, features, line control, and much more.

Shimano Saragosa

Shimano Saragosa is a highly reputed spinning reel series, and two upgraded models of this were released last year. The upgraded ones ensure great durability along with unbelievable cranking power at a very reasonable price. 

Eight models belong to the Saragosa SWA series. 14000XG and 18000HG are the new additions for 2020. These two are designed with top Shimano technologies like- X-protect, X-ship, Hagane gear, and lightweight compact Hagane body. These also include Infinity drive and can provide better pinion gear support, which leads to better and smoother cranking power.

These advanced fishing reels have a cross-carbon drag system. Shimano claims that this drag system is proven strong enough to deal smoothly with the biggest, toughest fish on the planet. SWA 14000XG’s and SWA 18000HG’s

max drags 15kg and 22kg. 

Shimano Stradic

This one is a strong build yet super lightweight spinning reel series. These Shimano reels have all the latest technologies to make your fishing experience easy and fun. 

This renowned series includes multiple reel models with different capacities. The main features of this series are- Hagane body, Hagane gear, X-ship, Infinity drive (for 5000-10000) or silent drive (for 4000), X-shield, X-protect, AR-C spool, S A-RB, and G-free body (for 4000). All these features serve various purposes. X-protect prevents water from entering the inner chambers of the reel, which helps the reels to last longer. This feature also comes super handy while fishing off-shore. The rigid metal-built Hagane body is reputed for reducing the chance of distortion or bending while reeling and also protects the inner parts from unexpected impacts. Infinity drive is another top-notch Shimano invention that provides great cranking power. All the other facilities mentioned above are very helpful for fishing heavy saltwater fish.

This trusted, and well-known spinning reel series is designed to be durable, strong, and capable of smooth casting. The max drag is 12-13 kg depending on the reel model, which is fairly impressive. But the fun part is, despite providing such a great max drag facility, these reels weigh only 430-440g! 

Shimano Tiagra

Shimano Tiagra is an amazing conventional reel series for both freshwater and saltwater. These are considered as one of the best choices for serious offshore casting. Tiagra series is built with a solid aluminum frame, which provides great strength to cast with heavy lines and deal with giant fishes. 

 These reels have a rigid metal body, commonly known as Shimano’s HAGANE body, which eliminates flexing and protects the reel. Their high-efficiency gears are capable of binding under pressure. Such gears consist of frame, set plate, and handle-side plate. Shimano has increased the size of both pinion gear and drive gear in this series to offer increased strength and power. 

These reels promise to give the smoothest drag performance with their cross carbon drag settings. They also include other advanced Shimano technologies like- E.I. Surface Treatment, A-RB Bearings, and more. All these special features make this amazing conventional fishing reel series unmatchably powerful, durable, and trustworthy. 

Daiwa Legalis

Daiwa Legalis is a light yet tough spinning reel series that comes with a modest price. These Daiwa reels are also packed with many advanced engineering features. 

The body is built with a carbon-based composite, and that makes them much lighter than other spinning reels. These only weigh 212-250g; you can easily handle them the whole day without any fatigue. But don’t be a fool by judging their power according to their weight. These reels provide much greater strength to weight ratio. 

Daiwa has come up with many unique and beneficiary ideas while making these reels.  Advanced Ballistic System or ABS is featured in the spool design, reducing outgoing friction and improving casting distance. Another unique feature of these reels is air rotors. Such rotors weigh 15% less than conventional ones. 

The gear system included here is called ‘digigear.’ Digigear is polished, machine-cut gear that offers better transfer of energy and smoothness along with great efficiency. 

These reels could be your best companion to do serious casting the whole day with minimum effort.

Sakura Lagoa 77

Sakura Lagoa 77 is a light jigging reel specially designed for slow jigging. As in recent years marine fisheries have become very fashionable in European waters. Sakura came up with this amazing reel. This reel works very efficiently while teamed up with the right equipment. 

The bearings are made of Japanese stainless steel, which ensures stability and an almost 0% chance of rusting. Also, their monoblock aluminum frame is great for saltwater fishing. This reel has an oversized control wheel along with an instant reverse mechanism that has proven to provide super smooth casting. 

This reel is packed with many other unique facilities, such as a double bearing sprocket for more robustness, aluminum coil, centrifugal throwing brake, ratchet release button, powerful and progressive carbon puck brakes, curved aluminum crack, ergonomic EVA crank handle, and many more.

You will be amazed by its performance if used with Salt Sniper and Shükan rods. You must love to do vertical sea fishing with this, as its fast 7.7:1 and large capacity is great for both slow jigging handmade jig or soft lure fishing.

Bullzen Iguana Max

Bullzen Iguana Max, the upgraded and better version of Bullzen Iguana, is a limited edition saltwater spinning reel series. Bullzen designed these reels, especially for saltwater fishing. 

Their structure is built with a hardened aluminum body. The ball bearing these have, is made of stainless steel, which promises no rusting and longevity. These reels have an aluminum spool, which is double anodized and machined. The handle is made of aluminum too, plus the point is- that handle is direct drive, machined and right/left exchangeable.

Bullzen Iguana Max reel has special gear drive technology that makes sure to provide you ultra-light handle rotation facility as well as a super-smooth feeling. These reels also include an instant anti-reverse mechanism that undoubtedly makes the reel super easy to use. 

The maximum drag capacity is 15-20 kg, and the reel weight is only 265-329g depending on the model. 

So, these Bullzen reels are perfectly built to deal with the hard saltwater conditions along with added features to make your fishing experience more fun.

PENN Surfblaster

 PENN Surfblaster is another promising fresher in the spinning reel family. It is saltwater resistant and strong enough to tackle the hardship you may face while fishing on the shore. 

This reel has a really smart appearance. It looks cool with that black matt finish. The 755g weight may seem a little heavy, but you can trust the impressive performance it provides. 

This fantastic long cast reel is equipped with many amazing features. This has 6 ball bearings made of stainless steel. This reel’s extra slow oscillation speed ensures perfect line lay. The drag system is HT-100; there should be no doubt about its smoothness. Its T-knob handle is capable of giving you extra comfort and grip. One very unique feature this reel provides is- spare deep spool. This thing is very useful to make sure to have the correct line for every fishing condition. The original spool also seems unique for its shallow conical shape, and it is great for long casting distances. 

If you are a surfcasting angler, then this reel is probably the perfect match for you.

Daiwa Seaborg

Daiwa Seaborg is an electric reel specially made for deep drop fishing. Its LCD reads out in English to make your programming process easier. The fishing line is oversized and guides aperture to kite swivels and large clear knots. This reel also has automatic stop and jigging features. It provides variable speed power along with lever control. This reel even has a line counter and depth memory.

As you can see, it is totally technology-based and super easy to use. You just have to connect the battery, lower the lure to the water, then reset the display and fishing will be started. The reel can do everything automatically; it will measure the fishing line for you. But it also offers a manual winding option.

Despite being electric, it can be washed. The electric package and drag system are sealed. 

 It is a good match for professional deep-sea anglers. You should go for a Daiwa fishing rod and reel combo to get the best result.

Shimano Beastmaster

This is Shimano’s one of the most advanced electric reels. It has a rigid, strongly built HAGANE body. Shimano’s infinity drive technology is used to ensure paramount cranking power by reducing friction between the spool shaft and the pinion gear, improving rotational torque. Its micromodule gearing can give you an unmatched gear feeling experience. This reel’s handle is adjustable, long-crack, and two-position, along with a spool lock that allows anglers to break off snagged lures more safely. The auto-clutch technology can easily engage the reel out of the free spool for reacting to quick bites. It also has a dragging sound for alerting the angler while they are in jeopardy of pulling hooks or breaking off. 

It also has other features like- X-protect and crosses carbon drag. X-protect offers great water resistance without excluding rotor rotation or light gear. The cross carbon drag system also provides a wide range of prominent drag settings and super smooth drag performance. 

It is undoubtedly a great overhead reel with amazing features and is capable of ensuring all-day jigging ease and your comfort. 

Daiwa Saltiga BJ

Daiwa Saltiga BJ is perfectly built for bay jigging. This is a reel packed with plenty of modern technology.

The most fun and unique part of this reel is- besides being a bay jigging reel, its drag clicks when it starts running- just as a spinning reel. 

It has special features like mag sealed oil, ATD drag, super metal body, hyper digigear, infinite anti-reverse, CRBB, MagForce Z, click-drag, etc. 

The mag sealed oil is a magnetic oil, used for protecting reel components along with smooth rotation by performing aerospace technology. To optimize energy yield, specialist grease is attached with ATD boasts discs. Such high-quality products will provide you with more grinding power at the beginning. 

This reel’s body, handle, knob, and spool are made with a rigid reel component material like aluminium.

If you are in search of a fishing reel, don’t forget to check Marine Hub. They are dedicated to providing you with all the best types of fishing reels to increase your pleasure in fishing.

That’s it. Hopefully, now you understand which reels are well-known for serving your purposes fully. 

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