Billboard Charting Artist T’Juan AKA The Mystery Kid Opens Up On His Future Plans

T’Juan AKA The Mystery Kid has played many amazing roles in his life. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, father and so much more. In his career, he has constantly recreated himself as an artist. 

The talented star is the voice and artist of the legendary mixtape series WRPR Real Positive Radio hosted by world-renowned Bigga Rankin. He is also a 3x Billboard TOP 30 recording artist.

So, when it comes to music, it is interesting to know what the future holds for The Mystery Kid! Speaking about the same, T’Juan said, “I have a number of projects lined up. I have partnered up with many talented artists to work together. I am trying to recreate my style of music with my trademark style. Obviously, it is going to be a blast. Right now, I can’t reveal much about my plans cause there is so much that is happening. When the right time comes, I’ll share all the amazing updates. Honestly, I am so excited about all that I have planned.”

He then added, “I also have my Podcast which is something I do to stay connected to the higher power. I truly believe that Lord sent me somebody that will remind me of who I am, for the times that I may forget. Sometimes all you need is a reminder, for there will come a time!”

T’Juan TMK is also making a massive buzz on social media. You can follow his journey on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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