Zafar Iqbal is doing the impossible by clearing the way for a career for Pakistanis.

The most typical job interview question asks where you see yourself in five years. Almost everyone wants a stable job with decent pay and leadership roles. Few of us have the vision to understand that being an employee is never enough. Working freelance is ideal if you have a vision and a niche. If things go well and your ideas work, you may create some jobs for others. Making your mark in a competitive environment is not simple initially. Daring people like Zafar Iqbal take chances. He began his career early. The confidence to bid on online marketplaces is not simple for students. Zafar did it and got a lot of projects fast. We shall learn about this gentleman and how he is helping the youth grow in this article.

Zafar Iqbal Profession and Contribution

Zafar Iqbal is a World-renowned motivational speaker, passionate Freelancer, and Young Entrepreneur, providing his expertise in SEO, Digital marketing. Zafar Iqbal began his journey in 2018 as a Freelancer  before co-founding The Webgenic. He is better known for his marketing name Zafar Marcom. As A Top-Rated seller on Fiverr, he has taken the world by storm with his creative, common-sense approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life. Through a significant social media presence and regular domestic and international sessions, “His Journey” has become a global phenomenon! As CEO of his Consulting Firm, The WebGenic, Zafar has led his team through the doors of dozens of highly successful organizations such as Huawei UK, Huawei RSA, MyHomeware Australia, Trading Gator, and some other Top USA Sites.

Zafar’s Aim

Zafar Iqbal places education as a powerful tool in today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world. He aims to create a world where everyone has access to knowledge and learning. He believes that every person has the promise of greatness within them — every single one. The key to nurturing that greatness is knowing each person’s unique approach to learning.Teachers can help students excel by finding their “superpower” learning style. Sadly, most people are unaware of their superpower, where “You Ain’t The Boss Of Me” comes in.. Every student can succeed! Getting there requires proper resources. Every person wants to achieve greatness; it’s my job to teach them how. We desire to give educational opportunities for all.

Furthermore, He adheres to its mission of providing quality education through affordable online and on-site mentoring. It is essential to have good expertise in subject-based teaching and experience teaching in a classroom or online. We deliver high-quality education at a low cost through subject-specific modules. We encourage group conversations and build relationships with students. We nurture the thirst for knowledge – and this speaks genuinely of what we value most, learning.

Services he provide

As an entrepreneur, Zafar Iqbal created The Webgenic, a company that provides freelancing training to people. He became CEO of this company, and he made a significant impact. An exciting aspect of this IT firm is that it hires students rather than professionals. Nowadays, college students are more adaptable than most professionals. The company analyzed the market and built a communication strategy between marketplaces and freelancers. So the company can deliver the best service in your deadline. The remarkable aspect is that you don’t have to go bankrupt to get their top service. Zafar wanted to create a business module without manipulating students. After years, we can claim he is effective in his mission to lead the youth to a fruitful and developing route.

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