The Different Types of Lawyers in Australia and How They Can Help You

The legal system is very complex and can be confusing to many. On top of the numerous laws, paperwork etc, it’s important to note and be aware of the many different lawyers within the legal system. Many tend to be specialised in a specific area of law, with knowledge and experience regarding the process of that unique area. Our list will inform you of just some of the legal sectors which can feature a dedicated lawyer to that practice.

But before we start, it’s important to know the two main types of lawyers/job titles you can find in Australia. The first being solicitors. Taking more of a background role, solicitors are tasked with research, preparing documents and resources that may be required for an upcoming case. They do provide legal advice but are less common to serve as active counsels during a trial. If you favour your solicitor and would like them to represent you, they can file and acquire what’s known as a “rights to audience”, allowing them to act as representation.

The second type of lawyer in Australia is barristers. These are the people who work as a ‘typical’ lawyer that will represent you in court in front of a judge during trials or settlements. Seen in many crime dramas, barristers are the ones actively pleading your case in front of an audience.

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With that all cleared up, here’s our list of lawyers.

Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve seen the adverts ‘Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault’ – personal injury lawyers in its simplest form helps with those injured. They specialise in tort law which means they deal with civil wrongs that causes their client to suffer loss or harm. They help their client receive compensation from financial losses e.g. can’t work due to serious injuries. They assist from major to minor accidents such as car accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice to a slip or fall or pedestrian accident.  If you require assistance with a car crash injury compensation claim you should contact motor vehicle accident lawyers Perth for help

Estate Planning Lawyer

This lawyer will focus on wills and trusts from those looking to create a will to follow a will from a deceased individual. Essentially, you will require this lawyer if you’re looking to have a will drawn up to determine who and where your assets get passed to. They also help to set up trusts to assist with your child’s financial needs. They also assist with ensuring a will or trust is met and deal with any dispute claims.  For assistance with preparation of a last will and testament you ought to contact lawyers for wills Perth.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re someone who fears bankruptcy is in your near future, then a bankruptcy lawyer will be able to assist your worries and provide you with legal guidance. Whether you’re an individual or organisation who faces financial trouble, a bankruptcy lawyer will provide tailored advice for your circumstance and make you aware of your options. These can include a debt settlement, a repayment plan, or filing for bankruptcy. The lawyer will assist with debt issues relating to credit cards, medical and mortgages.

Corporate Lawyer

Owning one of the fancier titles of lawyer with visions of designer suits and shiny briefcases, a corporate lawyer assists with legal issues that stem from commercial transactions. They make their commercial clients aware of their legal rights, responsibilities and duties to ensure they fulfil their business agreement/obligations. If you’re an individual or organisation that requires this legal assistance, they can help review, draft and negotiate contracts, as well as assess partnerships, the selling of stock to investors and the merge of multiple businesses.

Community Lawyer

A part of a non-government organisation, a community lawyer helps to support community members who face economic hardship and discrimination. Commonly working for general or independent organisations, they provide community members with advice or referrals. Also, at a reduced cost or no cost at all, they provide legal education and representation in special cases.

Environmental Lawyer

As more people become concerned and involved with climate change and protecting our natural environment, people are eager to take legal action against companies which create detrimental damage to nature. An environmental lawyer will help provide legal guidance to protect communities and the environment. A broad field of law, they can assist with heritage and cultural protection, biodiversity and issues revolving around climate change – just to name a few.  They can work with advocate organisations, not-for-profit organisations, private practices and the government.

Family Lawyer

A family lawyer assists with domestic relationships, offering legal advice and representation for clients in court. This umbrella term can feature legal battles of divorce, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements and child custody.

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