The Age Of Home Office

We still can go out to the streets and see men and women going to work. But a new age of jobs is here, boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The age of home office. A challenge that a huge part of students will have to face in the future. Before the pandemic, 5% of the tasks of the American jobs were done at home. Now, this number has grown to 60%. Working at home brings a lot of advantages. Gives you more privacy, frees you from street traffic stress, gives you more comfort and so many other positive things. But not everything is perfect. The home office also brought negative things. Higher electricity costs, kid’s interference, and other home distractions for your mind. 

To improve your productivity at home is fundamental to have a good place to work, with good space and good illumination. Talking about illumination, a very common problem is the bad or only partial illumination of the environment. This is very bad for your vision for a long time. To prevent this, I suggest you buy LED Shop Lights. The advantage of these lights is that they are wide, so they can illuminate a larger part of the room compared with normal size lights. 

There are a lot of different light companies, so for some people, it could be difficult to decide which brand of lights you should choose to buy. When I was adapting one of the rooms of my house to transform it into my home office. I decided to use lights from Lepro. They are cheap, have high illumination quality and the wide model gives a better proportion of illumination to my environment. Before starting to use the wide lights, I felt some discomfort in my eyes when I was working because of bad illumination. But when you illuminate the room in the same proportion with wide lights, you will feel the difference that the room illumination will do in your eyes. Give it a try.

Physical comfort is another important point of your home office. If you don’t sit in a good ergonomic position or if there is some other physical thing that is affecting your environment like warmth or noise. It’s important that you change it. They could not only affect your productivity but also your health. If your room is closed and warm, install an air conditioning system. If you have a lot of noise close to your room. Cover the walls with acoustic insulation. 

 You might think that it is expensive to build your home office. But in truth, both the light system and the acoustic insulation system are cheap. And the return that you will receive will help you by increasing your productivity, giving you better and longer health. Less anxiety and stress. 

  The new age of home office is here and adoption is not an option but a survival question. The difficulty to adapt to new situations is normal. But we never should let these difficulties demotivate us. We should always be ready to change and adapt to these situations. 

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