Should You Buy Diamonds Loose Or Mounted In Fort Worth?

Diamonds are never cheap. That’s why when buying them you have to decide wisely. Should you buy diamonds loo or mounted in Fort Worth? The choice is yours. The loose diamonds for sale in Fort Worth can be worth choosing. Before buying one, get familiar with the properties of a diamond for you to be able to know the factors to consider when choosing one.  

Mounted Diamonds: Easier To Buy, Harder To Evaluate

Let’s start with mounted diamonds. Mounted rings may be easier to buy since you don’t have to exert effort on the details of the ring anymore. However, you will not be able to thoroughly check the quality of the mounted diamond. You will not be able to check if there are any cracks in chips on the part of the stone that is hidden under the metals.

How Are Loose Diamonds Better?

Loose diamonds can have advantages over mounted ones. In buying loose diamonds, you can have the whole stone evaluated. In evaluating diamonds, always use the 4cs guide given by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

4cs of Diamond


Diamonds may look colorless, but they have color grades. The colorless ones are graded D to G.  Nearly the colorless ones are graded as G to J.  These two groups are the best option. However, the colorless ones are rare and expensive. That’s why most jewelers recommend nearly colorless ones. Since they are the best alternative to colorless, they are more affordable and available in the market. Lower grades have a yellowish color, which is a no for diamonds unless it would be fine with your future bride to have a fancy colored diamond ring.


When you buy a loose diamond, you can have it cut into the shape you want. Cutting diamonds should only be done by experts, otherwise, the outcome will not be good since it can result in diamond cracking or chipping. Excellent and very good cut grades are the best.


The diamond carats will determine the full price since diamonds are priced per carat. You can base the carat weight on your budget. So you can determine how many carats your diamond will be.


Diamonds without any flaws or inclusion as they call them can be considered the best option. The clarity of the diamond can affect its brilliancy and durability since too much inclusion can make the diamond sparkle less and easily damaged. Clarity grades that are recommended would be Flawless, internally flawless or very, very slightly include (VVs1 and VVs2).

How To Evaluate A Loose Diamond?

Diamonds are evaluated using the 4cs noted above. Evaluation is best done by authorized institutions like the Gemological Institute of America which is one of the most popular groups that issue certification to diamonds who pass the standard characteristics. Getting a certificate for your loose diamonds or even mounted ones is a must. This certificate can show you the details of your diamond and can prove its authenticity.

Where To Buy Diamond Jewelry?

For this concern, finding the right place to buy your loose diamonds can be challenging. You have to find a jewelry store that you can trust. Here are some tips you can use:

Choose Local

Since you are from Fort Worth, then look for a jewelry store near your location. Buying from local stores can make it easier for you to check the quality of the diamonds in their physical stores. Online diamond buying may give you a lower price but a higher risk, so why not check on the store near you.

Check on Store’s Reputation

Most jewelry stores have their own websites where you can learn more about them. Take advantage of the power of technology to investigate the reputation of the jewelry store and how well they do with their customers and what they can offer.

So, should you buy diamonds loose or mounted in Fort Worth? Weigh your choices. Ask your jeweler’s advice on what suits your jewelry preference and your budget. Then you can make a final decision on whether to get a loose diamond or a mounted one. Make a layout of the desired design on your diamond, and it can greatly help you decide if it can be possible with a loose or mounted one.

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