How Much is Bill Cosby Worth After Jail Time?

Pennsylvania’s highest court has released Bill Cosby from prison Wednesday. Famous comedian once known as “America’s Dad” was imprisoned in term of sexual assault for just two years into a three-to-10-year prison. 

83 years old Comedian, Cosby showed the Victory sign once he arrived at his Philadelphia home after serving a sentence. He was sentenced for assaulting Andrea Constand, Temple University Sport Administrator, in 2004. Bill Cosby is famous for his “The Cosby Show” and in bollywood once he was known for being the highest paid television star. According to an estimate, Bill Cosby’s worth is $400 million. This could be changed as the case reported against him cost millions. In fact he may be compensated millions of dollars.

In 2015, new evidence was charged against him and he was arrested. Constand broke his comedian image and fame in a lawsuit.

Cosby debuted his stand up comedian career in 1960 in local clubs of Philadelphia. He started stage performance in several countries and in 1961 his gig landed at The Gaslight Cafe, New York. In 1963, the show “The Tonight Show” promoted him and later on his numerous comedy albums were released.    

After 6 years, he started starring in “The Bill Cosby Show”. His role was of a P.E. teacher at a high school in Los Angeles.  This show earned him fame, love and success. After two successful seasons of “The Bill Cosby Show”, Cosby came up with a cartoon show named “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.” He was the producer and the host of this show. 

A time span of 1984 to 1992, when his most famous show “The Bill Cosby Show” became one of the successful television shows. A report says, from this show Cosby’s earning was $1.1 million a year. At this contemporary period, he also signed a two years deal of $2.52 million in Las Vegas, where he performed six six-week stints at the Caesars Palace. This comedian was crowned as the highest-paid entertainer of the World in 1986 by Forbes. Cosby was reported to earn a worth of $84 million in just two adjacent years 1986-1987. 

People say, this entertainer was also contracted with Coca-Cola and Jell-O with $1 Million cost each. In fact, he used to provide summer lectures for $50,000 per session.

In 1983, he purchased the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, estate of him and his wife for $225,000. Bill Cosby’s “The Cosby Show” was rebroadcasted in 1988 and it was sold at $4 million per episode. Out of $500 million revenue, Cosby took $166 million as 20% of profit of the show.

In 2017, Andrea Constsand brought an allegation against Cosby that he had raped her in Philadelphia home in 2004. Though the allegation was denied by Cosby, as he claimed that the lady had given consent to him. Around 50 women raised voice against Cosby then and accused him for sexual assault, misconduct and rape.  As a result, in 2018 he was imprisoned in a three to 10 years prison in support of Constand’s allegation. As reported by New York Times, he was released when Pennsylvania Supreme Court stated his allegation as a non-prosecution agreement.

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