Kickfollower Review We Love This Instagram Growth Agency and You Will Too!

There’s another contender in the Instagram growth agency space, and they’re making quite a positive name for themselves. We thought we’d look closely into what people are saying and what KickFollower is claiming to do and to see if they live up to their great reputation.

What KickFollower Does

We’ll guide you through KickFollower’s process—from sign-up to implementation. When you’re through, you’ll see why we think they’re great and understand why you should pick them as your Instagram growth agency.

  1. Sign-up

We loved the ease and simplicity of the sign-up procedure. They ask for applicable information, like your name, your IG account name, your email address, and your IG account password (we’ll talk more about security). Then, you enter in marketing information, like target followers, competitor information, and target hashtags.

2.             Let the Action Begin 

Once you’ve entered in your info and picked a package, you get two people assigned to your account. That’s right, you get people, not bots! The one who does most of the action on your account is your IG growth expert. They know the  rules and restrictions for engagement outlined by snapinsta, and they stay within those limits. This is very important because it ensures your account doesn’t get shut down or banned.

The package you picked will determine the types of engagement your IG growth expert will do. They can follow, unfollow, like comments, post comments, and/or view stories. Do note that KickFollower will not post content on your behalf; you know what your audience wants and that’s what make your account unique. An Instagram growth agency like KickFollower allows you to spend more time generating the content your followers want.

3.             Follower Growth

Growth comes from engagement with your audience. KickFollower isn’t out to get you numbers just for numbers sake—they get you followers who want to see your content, who will engage with you, who will spread the word about your IG. KickFollower is like your partner to IG success—they want it to be real and sustainable. You get to create the fabulous content you’re known for, and KickFollower interacts with your target audience, liking and posting comments, viewing stories, and other activities. When your target audience sees that you’re interacting with them, they’ll return the favor, and that means growth in your follower numbers.

It’s worth noting again that KickFollower creates growth that is sustainable. They find relevant followers, not bot-created followers. KickFollower will get to know your account and your niche, and then find the right followers for you.

4.             Customer Service

We’re a strong believer that customer support can make for break a company. They may have a great product, but if you can’t talk to anyone if you have an issue, then the product is useless. KickFollower is highly rated for their superior customer service.  Reviewers said that from the very beginning they were able to get their questions answered easily and quickly.

When you hire KickFollower, you also get an account manager in addition to your IG growth expert (mentioned above in the Let the Action Begin section). Your account manager is your contact person for any issues or questions. The awesome thing is that KickFollower has a distributed team around the globe, and this means the response times are quicker no matter your time zone—usually less than 24 hours. You can reach KickFollower by email and live chat. 

5.             Dashboard and Data

Of course, you’ll want to check in on the growth KickFollower is generating for you, and for that you have your customer dashboard. Here you’ll get detailed data on how your account growth. Data include follower growth by the week, month, or year. And you’ll be able to see what other accounts have started following you, the number of posts KickFollower has done, among other useful analytics.

The dashboard is where you can update your package, target hashtags, competitors, and other specific accounts you want KickFollower to engage with.

6.             Information Security and Analytics

Behind the scenes at KickFollower you’ll find top-class security. We mentioned that you have to give up your password during the sign-up process. KickFollower only uses this one-time, and it’s stored on the industry-standard, 256-bit encrypted server. They remove it as soon as it’s no longer needed.

KickFollower loves data! Their analytics tools analyze revel insights into how they’re doing toward your growth goal. Based on what they see, they’ll work with you to adjust the strategy, if needed.

7.             Not Just a Company but a Partnership

Any IG growth agency that tells you they’ll get you tons of followers in one day aren’t doing it legitimately. KickFollower is honest with you about the kind of growth you can expect and the services they can provide. This comes from doing business the right way—with real people doing real engagement, not bots! KickFollower will give you steady, sustainable growth from relatable accounts. The reality is is that this takes time.  The longer you partner with KickFollower, the better your growth will be.

KickFollower for the Win!

From what we can see, KickFollower is living up to their great reputation. Superior customer service, honest growth tactics, and real people who love what they do. We think you should give them a try!

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