8 Perfect Jobs for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads can perform a variety of jobs, regardless of their specialization, due to the nature of their job. Specialized professionals can focus on one niche, while others can safely work and rely on gigs, dropshipping and online courses.

Being a digital nomad means different things to different people, after all — some people work remotely for a single client while others rely on different approaches.

Let’s take a look at how everyone can become a successful digital nomad.

1. Open an Agency

First of all, many digital nomads choose to relocate to a country with more sustainable costs of living. Because there are various regulations and taxes to take into account, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone has their unique circumstances.

However, opening an agency is one way to cope with a multitude of possibilities, especially if you have a stable client base.

To enhance your business operations, consider using workflow automation tools, notably project management tools, email automation tools, customer support automation tools, and invoicing automation tools. Here are some popular types of workflow automation tools.

2. Set Up an eCommerce Store

As mentioned above, everyone can learn to run an eCommerce/dropshipping store. Basically, all you need is a responsive website and a marketing strategy. This applies to all types of products — from injury supplements to hardware.

It is important, however, to rely on email marketing and cross-promote your offers to attract a loyal client base.

3. Online Teaching

Next, if you’re a skilled teacher, you can easily switch to online teaching. Some trades are always in demand, like ESL teaching, but it also holds true that any skill will find its market.

The benefits of eLearning have become apparent to people all across the globe, so everyone who has something to teach can tap in and contribute to the global trend.

There are three ways to make a living from online teaching:

  • By offering online courses on your website
  • By offering courses on eLearning websites
  • By working for an online school

Consider all pros and cons before settling for a single option. It is, of course, perfectly viable to combine more options.

4. Become a Remote Manager

With the rise of remote work, the need for skilled team managers has increased, especially since traditional managers are coping with the rapid change. If you’re familiar with apps and tools (and every digital nomad should be), you can earn considerable sums of money by managing remote teams.

Good remote team leaders are difficult to find, so use your potential to the fullest.  

5. Marketing and Sales

Online marketing is the future. If you’re skilled in marketing and sales, you should be able to secure a steady workflow for multiple clients.

Since the area is wide and the rules of the game change all the time, you should always stay on top of the developments. Make sure you are up to date with new tools and keep an eye on Google policies.

6. Become a Customer Representative/Technical Support Representative

Customer support never goes out of fashion, regardless of the niche. With all aspects of doing business moving online, it has become easier than ever to find a solid customer representative role.

Big companies are looking towards developing countries to save funds and the offer is barely keeping up with the demand.

The good thing about being a customer representative is that you can start slowly and learn the trade little by little. Such jobs are, hence, a good solution for digital nomads on the lookout for new clients and they can also hold the fort until you have perfected your strategy.  

7. Use Your IT Expertise to Its Full Potential

It’s no secret that IT specialists have blossomed under the rule of remote work. No matter where you go, the demand will be huge, for the reasons mentioned above.

For skilled IT professionals, there’s a rich offer of jobs and projects. The only thing they need to do is — compare offers and choose the best ones.

Hardware and software experts, designers, QA personnel are always in high demand, so if you’re looking for your next online course, pick from these choices.

8. Become an SEO Specialist

Finally, SEO has become the single most important factor in the online business arena. Whether potential clients will find your website depends on your SEO strategy. That’s why SEO experts have multiple job proposals at their disposal.

SEO experts can expect to earn considerable wages and they can work with multiple clients at the same time, so, once again, a good strategy is all that it takes to become successful.


As you can see, digital nomads come from all walks of life and rely on different strategies to maintain their lifestyles. If you’re resourceful, tech-savvy, and a life-long learner, you should have no problems enjoying this lifestyle, too… steering clear of unfavorable jobs in the process.

Keep learning, stick to your strategy and enjoy discovering new places!

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