Which Private High School is the Best?

Are you thinking about attending a private high school in Maryland? If so, this article will help you decide which one is right for you. High schools are very different from colleges in many ways, and there are pros and cons to both. It’s up to you to decide if you think a private high school offers the things you are looking for or if you prefer a different type of learning experience.

JONES ACADEMY. Probably the most prestigious private high school in Maryland is Jones Academy. The name sounds like something out of a spy thriller, but it’s not. This is one of only a few colleges in Maryland that offer the full range of academic and athletic opportunities available at the private high school level. The curriculum at this amazing school is innovative and includes many current college and university students as well as current high school students. This means that students who have transferred to another school or who are entering their junior or senior year at another school will be able to participate in the academic programs at the academy, as would any transfer student.

BEDDING BOARD. Probably one of the most well-known private high schools in Maryland is Boarding schools of America (BSA). They are one of the largest and most successful private boarding schools in the nation. You’ve probably seen their TV ads. They have received numerous awards, including national accreditation and several scholarships.

AROUND THE KNOW. In addition to being a top private high school in Maryland, they also offer students the chance to take seven hours’ worth of classes each day, along with the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities. This allows students to learn throughout the academic year while still having time to participate in extracurricular activities as well. In addition to being the home to the Master’s in Business Administration program, they also have a nursing program as well.

BEST PROFITABLE INDOOR CLUB. There are several excellent choices for the best private high schools in Maryland. At St. Agnes Catholic School, there are over 29 male students on staff. They compete against students from other schools with similar demographics, which helps create a strong support network for the entire student-teacher ratio. Students also enjoy their location, which is just outside of Annapolis and only about a two-hour drive away from Baltimore.

ADDRESSED IN BRIGHT AREAS. When you search the websites for Maryland schools, you will find that all of the top private high schools are located in attractive areas of the state. They are all found in cities like College Park, Waldorf, Towson, Salisbury, Westminster, and Annapolis. They are all conveniently located close to the major city centers, which means that students take less time transferring in order to earn their diplomas at one of these highly regarded colleges.

EDUCATIONAL Institution ranking. According to the Wall Street Journal Best Schools rankings, a Maryland education ranks high in the nation for educational institution placement. Annapolis is the number one ranked city for private high schools, with Towson coming in at number four. Of course, these are just some of the prestigious private schools that are located in Maryland. If you want to sign up for the best educational institution in your area, plenty of options are available.

BEST HIGH CHILDREN’S SCHOOLS. If you want to send your child to the private high schools in Maryland, you must choose from the top Macbeth Academy with a high student-teacher ratio. At Towson University, there is a teacher-to-student ratio of 32 teachers to every student. The average class size at Towson University is twelve. At the University of Maryland, the student-teacher ratio is six to one.

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